Melo & LaLa Anthony-Ryan Henry–Mia Burks!!

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The Carmelo and LaLa saga continues and allegedly the side chick whose name is Mia Burks who is 25 years old claims she is pregnant by the NBA baller.

Word on the street, has also allegedly been messing around with Black Ink Crew Chicago’s fine a$$ Ryan Henry at the same time she was allegedly getting it in with Melo.

According to several sources, Mia is from the windy city, she met Carmelo at Room 7 which is a club in Chicago. Supposedly Melo was in town for the NBA Draft picks. Rumors are also spreading that this Mia chick also messed around with rapper Lil Durk and allegedly she was pregnant by him but she suffered a miscarriage. Looks like she definitely gets around from one celebrity to the next.

When Melo met her at the club, she was in a relationship with fine a$$ Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew Chicago. I’m quite sure Melo and Ryan aren’t the only celebs she has hooked up with, I hear Nelly was on the list as well, her p$ssy has been around. I’m quite sure there are more high profile men she has been with, but right now these are the ballers and celebrities we are aware of.

When rumors of Melo having an affair with this stripper who is supposed to be 6 1/2 months pregnant, we have been told she may not be a stripper, where that information came from is beyond me. But she is no dummy and I don’t think she’s a stripper, she earned a Masters in Education in social work and her baby is due in July and it’s a girl.

When news of Carmelo and LaLa’s split, social media was on fire especially when it was revealed that this woman may be pregnant by Melo but she was messing with Ryan at the same damn time. Either one could be the father, but had they not slept with a chick who has been around and didn’t use protection, her getting pregnant was bound to happen.

Ryan is single, if he wants to mess around with Mia, he has that choice but Carmelo on other hand is married to a gorgeous and talented LaLa, why jeopardize losing your family for a piece of a$$? How could he return home to his wife, lay in the bed next to her after he slept with another woman? These women know that Melo is married and they still f$ck him? Yea, because its a set up, she wants to have a baby by him, she’ll be set for life after ruining a family.