Mel B VS Siya

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The Mel B and Stephen Belafonte ongoing divorce has not been settled or closed, this is the longest divorce battle I have ever seen and I can’t believe that Mel B is really going through this saga with her soon to be ex-husband.

But now their seems to be a wrinkle in the divorce saga and I never saw this coming at all. Siya from Sisterhood Of Hip Hop is involved in their divorce, what a tangled web we weed when Mel B practice to deceive. Siya was a cast member on the reality series “Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop” and she came out from day one as a gay female rapper. Her being gay and a female in the music industry didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams and she is a really great rapper, she’s getting lost in a sauce from her five minutes of fame and it has knocked her out, I hope she can recover. But, I digress, along with her involvement.

Allegedly, Siya has become a major player in this messy divorce and the LAPD is allegedly investigating Mel B of felony witness tampering, word on the street, Mel B allegedly texted Siya to scare her from testifying against her. That really sounds so far fetched, Siya is from New York and she doesn’t get scared easily and how can Mel B scare her into not testifying against her? She ain’t in the mob, this ain’t no gangsta sh$t, say it ain’t so Mel, please say it ain’t so.

This where the situation takes a turn for the worse, allegedly Siya filed a police report yesterday (Sept. 11) against Mel B claiming that she is attempting to intimidate her as a witness before she testifies in the divorce case. That’s still so hard to believe, did she file that report to get paid from Stephen Belafonte? According to several media outlets, the police have already began an opening felony witness intimidation investigation after Siya showed the threatening text messages she allegedly received from her this past weekend.

Reliable sources close to Siya are stating that she was preparing to testify on Stephen Belafonte’s behalf that he never physically abused Mel B during their marriage. Siya really doesn’t know what goes on behind closed doors, she has no way of proving that he didn’t physically abuse Mel B. How would Siya know if Mel’s estranged husband didn’t abused her? She wasn’t living with them and according to her, she’s only known the two a couple of years. Something ain’t right with picture. There are always three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Allegedly, Siya received texts saying there would be hell to pay if she testifies that Stephen Belafonte physically abused her. Siya is also supposed to testify that Mel B allegedly used illegal drugs throughout their marriage and had multiple threesomes with the nanny. Now how does Siya know all of this? She had to be in attendance while all of these sex games and illegal were allegedly going on. This is some crazy sh$t, naturally Mel B is denying Siya’s allegations, the divorce seems to be turning into a circus show.

The saga must go on and we’ll have to wait and see how the outcome of Siya’s testimony goes and how the judge will rule on this divorce if it ever happens. This is the longest divorce battle ever, somebody is gonna lose.