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Mel B, Her Husband & The Nanny!!



Former Spice Girl Mel B, estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, the nanny, the rumors, the alleged affair and the alleged pregnancy hit social media like a tidal wave.

Allegedly Mel B learned that her estranged husband and their nanny have been creeping with each other on the low low and rumors were spreading that she was pregnant by her husband as it hit social media and the blogs like a firestorm.

Word on the street, Stephen Belafonte allegedly got the nanny pregnant but also allegedly paid for her to get an abortion. What I don’t understand about a husband who cheats on his wife, why won’t he protect himself from getting the side chick pregnant? You can’t expect the side chick to make sure she is protected from getting pregnant, or even if he is protected, she owes the wife nothing. Even though its foul that wannabe side chicks will creep with a married man, with no problem and could care less about the wife. How does a husband f$ck the side chick then go home and lay with his wife like he has done nothing wrong? I guess this is a question that will never get answered.

But, I digress, the nanny who is currently married, she married a man by the name of Michael Bleau last year, just as Mel B fired her. Mel B also claims that her estranged husband allegedly gave $60,000 to the nanny’s husband, Michael for his company without her knowledge or her approval. Yes, they are married and what’s his, is theirs and what’s hers is theirs, but to give that large sum of money to the nanny’s husband, sounds like hush money to me.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have been going through a nasty and public divorce where allegations about each other have taken over the media. The nanny actually worked for the couple for seven years but she wasn’t just working, she was allegedly playing too. This nanny really didn’t look like a nanny, she has blonde hair, her body is snatched and not bad to look at. Of course, she has nothing on Mel B, but she was home with the children and Stephen, Mel B wasn’t.

She is working all the time, making sure her family eats while he plays with the nanny. Mel B also claims that her estranged husband used money that she made soley by her, to pay for the nanny’s abortion. Again, even though she says she earned the money herself, they are married, so its their money.

That’s a hard pill to swallow, I’m not sure what I would do if I was in that position but I’m pretty sure I would be locked up. Stephen is Mel’s husband, he allegedly betrayed his wife by creeping with the nanny, if he cared, he owes Mel B.

Naturally the nanny claims she was never pregnant with Stephen Belafonte’s baby and those are rumors that she claims Mel B is spreading to use in their nasty divorce.

Whether or not she was pregnant or not, she allegedly cheated with a married man. She was hired to be the nanny and not the mistress, so even if she wasn’t pregnant, she already crossed that line when she laid down with him.

Mel B claims that her husband was allegedly verbally abusive and she was afraid of him. A reliable source close to the couple claims that Stephen Belafonte treated the the nanny like she was his wife and Mel B was just a stranger that just happened to live with him and pay the bills. She claims he was verbally abusive to her and he would show his a$$ in front of the nanny which played a part in questioning who she was.

From our eyes only, it appears as though Mel B has been through HELL and back, but one thing I can say about the former Spice Girl, she is one strong a$$ woman. Not a lot of women could endure what she has been through with her estranged husband. She still has to be a mother to her children and she still has to work, she has no time to fall and stay down.

There are always three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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Keyshia Ka’Oir Doesn’t Have 3 Children



Keyshia Ka’Oir married her King Gucci Mane this past Tuesday, why are people so bent on knowing whether she has children and if she abandoned them in Jamaica and why weren’t they in her wedding?

As previously reported the wedding guests were in awe over the love that Keyshia and Gucci had on their big day, people couldn’t help but be nosy, more concerned about the children rather than her beautiful wedding. Word is, she is secretly hiding her three children somewhere in Jamaica.

The rumors began when Tanya Dazzle, a woman claiming to be Keyshia’s sister, took to social media the day after the wedding to express her disappointment of being left out of the celebration.

“Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me because I watched my sister, the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen — walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life,” she wrote. “We always dreamed about your big day but I never would imagine this day would happen without me… My heart is filled with so many unanswered questions… No matter how much it might embarrass me, I couldn’t let this day go by without wishing you the best. Congratulations Mrs. Davis… From Sisily.”

Keyshia’s alleged sister claims she wasn’t invited to her wedding but from what Keyshia is says, she doesn’t have a sister, she had three brothers and one passed away. She really doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone, people want to come at her, pass judgement but they sh$t ain’t clean. People are just mad that she is married to her King and she’s a beautiful young woman with a hustling mentality.

This rumor started last year when several sources indicated that Keyshia abandoned her three children to pursue a modeling career. Why is it anyone’s business, if she has kids so be it, if she doesn’t have kids, eat crow.

Keyshia posted the message below on Instagram:

“I DO NOT HAVE THREE KIDS IN JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I guess ya’ll heard that, whether she has kids or not, we may never know the truth and I’m fine with it. Her personal business is just what it is, personal. She just got married, allow her to live in this moment, she shouldn’t be responding to anyone who is asking about her children that she claims she doesn’t have, let it go!!

Keyshia will address the rumors on her BET “Mane Event” reality show. She was shown in a preview clip being asked about her children during a radio interview.

Keyshia is also clearing up another rumor about that has come to the light, the sister she is denying, her name is Tanya claimed she wasn’t invited to the wedding. According to Keyshia, Tanya’s lying, she doesn’t even have a sister and she’s the only girl in her family.

“DO NOT HAVE A SISTER !!! I’M THE ONLY GIRL! I HAVE 3 BROTHERS & ONE IS DEAD! Tanya’s real sister is outing her however for being a liar. “My sister is a f**** embarrassment,” wrote the woman.”I can’t believe this ended up on Bossip! She’s been begging for Keyshia’s friendship for over a year!” Well there you have it, the truth will eventually reveal itself and it looks like it already has.

Wow, people will do anything to slander your name, in the clip below, one hit wonder Khia chimes in and goes off on Keyshia Ka’Oir. Check for yourselves, I wanted to jump across my computer screen to kick her broke and failing career a$$. She needs to be working on a comeback album and staying out of peoples business.

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Toni Braxton & Birdman Married



Allegedly congrats are in order, several reliable sources have reported that Toni Braxton recently got married!! What a match made heaven

According to several reliable sources, its true that Toni Braxton and Birdman have secretly got married and now the bat is out of the bag. The weirdest looking couple and I still don’t see their connection when Birdman was allegedly sleeping with other women.

“They don’t want anyone to know yet. They’re trying to keep it secret, just like their relationship. They tried for as long as they could to deny that they were actually together.”

Word on the street, Toni and Birdman has been taking advantage I guess but for about 2 months now to make up for the secret ceremony, the two will have a big reception for their family and friends to celebrate.

When Birdman and Keyshia Cole were dating, that just shows Birdman she is moving with the man in charge, the bus driver. We have heard all of Birdman’s dirty dog past that lead to Keyshia Cole acting a fool and tapping that a$$.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

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