Mehgan James Slams Keke Palmer!!

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Actress Keke Palmer has started another beef and this time, her beef is with former Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives LA Mehgan James! We all know Mehgan from Bad Girls Club, she was the girl who beat up two girls at the same time. I’m not sure Keke wants to really mess with Mehgan, she ain’t no joke and she is not afraid to say whatever it is she has to say to you.

Last week, Keke slammed Kylie Jenner, now this week its Mehgan James, all I can say is, Keke may want to chill right, she is on a roll, just leave it there. Kylie didn’t clap back at Mehgan but she definitely clapped back at Keke. This social media thugging is really, really funny to me. Nowadays, instead of confronting a person, they slam them on social media.

The actress sparked a Twitter feud with Bad Girls Club star went into straight shade by name calling, and there’s no sign it’s ending any time soon.

It all started when Keke decided to tweet her fans about binge-watching Bad Girls Club and took a shot at Meghan in the process. Keke can’t really appreciate Bad Girls Club or Mehgan at that particular time. Each season of The Bad Girls Club seems to wilder than the previous season and unless you are a true die hard Bad Girls Club fanatic, then you cannot possibly understand Mehgan’s position on the show. I like Keke as an actress but not as a bully and so far these two incidents with her, I see bully.

But, I digress, Keke came at Meghan for calling her a hater, and Meghan clapped back by spilling some tea on the actress, saying she’s been hooking up with a star athlete who has an STD!! Somehow, Mehgan finds out the dirt on a lot of people, when she was on Basketball Wives LA, she spilling dirt on everybody except for Shaunie and Tami. She even had an altercation with whacky Jackie who spit on her, how she didn’t beat her a$$ is still unbelievable today.

Keke responded with dragging Meghan without saying her name. “Must be able to separate the difference between someone being entertaining and them being likable,” she wrote.

The actress noted that although something may be entertaining does not mean it is good for you. “I’m so happy to be in the space in my life where I can accept that other ppl gonna always have their own feelings about me,” she tweeted.

“And understanding that half the folks that try to down play you are people that you would never be involved with anyway,” she continued.