Meek Mill Dating Tommie Lee!!

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Word on the street, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship is over and there are already rumors that Meek’s ugly a$$ has a new boo. Allegedly the wannabe rapper has moved on with none other than Love Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie Lee. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into with Tommie Lee.

Meek Mill has been flirting with reality star following his alleged split with Nicki Minaj. These rumors came after the couple spent New Year’s Eve apart, fueling breakup rumors!

Adding more fuel to the fire, Tommie was posting in his comment section while he was performing a live recording. A comment from her verified account read, “Meeeeekkk!” Insiders claim their relationship is still in the beginning stages! “Yes, [Tommie]’s seeing Meek, it’s still early but she sees potential for something serious.”

A “source” close to Tommie apparently stated that, “Yes she’s seeing Meek, it’s still early but she sees potential for something serious.” Serious enough that Meek would bring their relationship to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

On January 5, 2017, Nicki Minaj confirmed via Twitter that she and Meek had split and she was focusing on her career. As for Tommie, Tiarra all but confirmed Tommie and Scrapp’s split with VH1 in November, saying, “I wish Tommie well but [we] have no reason to have a relationship [and] from what I hear, her and Scrapp ain’t messing around.” Are you here for this alleged relationship or nah?

Tommie was previously dating Scrapp DeLeon from Love Hip Hop Atlanta, but she’s allegedly been single and ready to mingle since their rocky split. Meek and Nicki have been facing their own share of breakup rumors, especially after they were spotted spending New Year’s Eve 2017 apart. The rapper hosted an event at E11VEN in Miami before the countdown and she wasn’t wearing the diamond rings he gifted her. At the very same time, Meek was performing at Dream Nightclub in South Beach, meaning they didn’t celebrate with a midnight kiss. However, we still have our hopes up for these two, since they made each other so happy!

As we previously reported, “Nicki will choose her career over Meek at the end of the day. He’s getting on her nerves but she also loves him,” a reliable source close to the rapper reports.

“She really thought Meek would be her baby daddy and she can’t quit him.” Nicki can’t see herself with anyone else, but she’s still hoping for a few changes. Things are very strained but it’s not over yet. The next few weeks are going to be very telling.”

Its over now with that damn Tommie Lee. Nicki needs to be working on the next man, a real man who is on her level, she needs to quit getting men who depend on her. That doesn’t make her a strong woman, it makes her a weak woman in my eyes. Tommie Lee is very confident in herself, yes she has issues just like every woman on this earth but if she is into Meek, she will fight to keep him. Nicki won’t, her music and who she is, is most important. I can’t wait to see how long this whack a$$ relationship lasts.I hope everyone gets tested for all sexually transmitted diseases. Tommie just walks around like she has a damn disease.

Tommie most recently has appeared on Stevie J’s Leave It To Stevie to focus on her rap career.