Mary Mary Recap

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Mary Mary recap………..when the ladies leave the Bahamas, they find out their dad has stage four cancer and Tina finds out her husband Teddy has had numerous affairs on her, not just one but, several. I know she is hurt to the core, she was hurt with one but for him to tell her now when he should have told it all was the coward’s way out. He looks like a sneaky a$$ slithering snake and tried to use Warryn, Ericka’s husband as a buffer. I wasn’t feeling him at all, it was something about him, from what I viewed on the show Tina was hurting more and she was trying to forgive him and move past this. How will she ever move forward? The way he lied to her, making her feel maybe they had a chance and then she did the Ebony interview and exposed her truth. But that wasn’t her entire truth, because he lied to her and now this magazine is out. Damn, I know she is hurt, she has no trust and right now her faith is being tested. It has happened to the best of us, some times worse….i.e. Tina Knowles…..not only did Matthew Knowles cheat on her, he had a baby the woman. I’m not saying Tina Knowles hurt is worse than Tina Campbell’s, I’m just saying she is not alone and maybe she could reach out to Ms. Knowles and ask her how she got through it. Honey, the ladies mom was telling Tina she has been through this same situation with their dad, she made it through and Tina can too. What does she tell her children? Kids love their parents regardless of what they do, but they will have questions. Wow, I wouldn’t and couldn’t be in her shoes, but she pulled it together and made it to the Windy City interview and she sang her tail off….you go Tina, we are praying for you and your strength.

Ericka was pretty upset because Tina didn’t show up for her baby’s christening. She didn’t understand why Tina would n’t be there because she has been at all of Tina’s children’s christening. Ericka drove over to Tina’s house, she had to get some answers. Ericka immediately wanted to know why she didn’t show up, Tina sat down on the porch and explained to her sister, Teddy had numerous affairs. Ericka couldn’t believe it, her mouth hit the floor. She was upset and now she could understand her not appearing at the christening. Of course, Ericka put that away and was there for her sister. Just watching her go through that as her sister has to hurt because what can you do? You want to hurt him the way he hurt your sister but we know that’s not the christian way. The only thing Ericka could do was hold down the fort and be there for her. When Ericka made it back home she told her husband Warryn what happened. She asked him if he knew and he said, “yes, Teddy confided in him in the Bahamas.” Ericka was a little ticked off at her husband because he knew and didn’t tell her, but he was thinking like a business man, for one Teddy asked him not say anything until he told Tina and they were on that trip for a concert and their birthday. The ladies already received bad news about their dad, how much more could they take? Ericka appeared on radio shows and interviews without Tina, she took it for the team and kept moving. That’s why I like her, she is so inspiring, no matter what your going through, listen to Mary Mary and you can feel yourself heal.

Mitchell, Mary Mary’s manager found out through phone calls about the Ebony interview. He was in the black the entire time not knowing about Tina’s situation. It made sense to him now, why she was acting out on him, for the first time I saw compassion from him. It takes a lot to manage these women, but he still has to talk with the ladies about this issue but all he knows is about the one affair, he doesn’t know about the numerous.