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Mary J Blige, Kendu Issac’s & Mistress!!



Queen of soul, Mary J. Blige has been going through the worst time of her life, her nasty divorce with estranged husband Kendu Issacs is driving her insane and she wants to be done with it. However, Mary always manages to keep her head held high even when suffering. She filed for divorce from estranged husband, Kendu and as private as Mary is, she has been quite open and honest about her divorce.

Allegedly, it has been reported that Mary claimed her estranged husband spent her money on his new girlfriend and that’s when she should have snapped on his ugly a$$. How dare he give a side chick money that came from Mary and not him, he has no money. He disrespected her by cheating on her and giving the side chick money, he probably had too because he reminds me of a frog and the side chick probably wouldn’t have messed around with him if he wasn’t paying her.

Allegedly the side chick was a former artist of Mary’s and she was allegedly the cause of the couple’s split. Reliable sources close to the couple have reported that Kendu cheated on his wife with Starshell, an up and coming artist that Mary signed to her Matriarch Entertainment record label.

It appears that Mary was the last person to learn of the alleged affair, reliable sources are claiming that everyone knew her husband and this Starshell were creeping on the low low and no one felt they should inform her of her husband’s illicit affair. He f$cked Mary in the worst way possible, had she not signed this chick to her label, he may not have cheated on his wife but more than likely it would have been someone else. Word on the street, he has been cheating on Mary for years, she has invested time and money on this hoe and this is how she betrays her.

Kendu is demanding spousal support from Mary, they have a prenup and whatever that prenup says, that’s the amount that should be given to him. He’s a gold digger, Mary worked hard for her money, he wasn’t with her from the beginning when her career skyrocketed. As a man, he should just walk away and I know that Mary regrets marrying a coward who is trying to take money that she has worked extremely hard for.

Mary just filed documents in court over her divorce and that’s when she learned that he spent more than $420,000 on “travel charges.” Mary claims those expenses were not due to the business but, it was money spent on his side chick. He is a dirty f$cking dog, when their divorce finally settles and that side chick realizes that Kendu is broke, she will be ghost, moving on to the next one. I definitely would have snapped on his ugly a$$ but Mary handles her situations as classy as she can. She will not stoop to his level nor will she be taking care of him and his hoe.

Previously, Kendu requested more than $110,000 per month in spousal support, which Mary laughed at. That is f$cking hilarious, he doesn’t deserve that type of money, he’s trying to play big bank top rank with a zero bank account to keep his hoe.

Mary says she gave her husband everything so that he would feel more like a man. However, when she gave him everything, he wasn’t a man and a light bulb should have clicked for her. Mary allowed this man to manage her career, but apparently he still wasn’t satisfied.

Women who are married know when their husband is cheating, they have that gut feeling but they put it to the side because they don’t want to know the truth. She was no exception, she felt their were relationship wasn’t right and she figured he was messing around with other women. Mary claims her husband wanted his “harem” and the one woman that he couldn’t leave alone was an aspiring singer Starshell that Mary signed to her label.

Mary blames her estranged husband for trying to take advantage of her by trying to destroy her self-esteem. She says her told her that her fans don’t love her anymore, but that was a lie, Mary is the truth and she has fans for life. He wanted to destroy her inside and out which wasn’t fair.

Mary eventually realized her husband didn’t want her anymore but, he was in love with another woman and I know that hurt like HELL. Mary needs to come out with another album, she does her best writing when she is in turmoil and right now is a good time to write and get back at his weak a$$.

I pray that Mary prevails in court, he cheated on her, he deserves nothing and the side chick Starshell will be getting her just dues, karma is a b$tch and she doesn’t care who you are. Good luck Kendu with your side chick, Mary is still rich and you need money from her to support your side chick. He’s a pathetic boy and needs his a$$ kicked!!

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Tamar’s Mom Is Back Again



Mama Evelyn loves her daughter and she especially loves Tamar, she was the baby and all her mom wants to do is protect her but she shouldn’t have ever revealed anything to TMZ or other blog sites about Tamar or Vince. Her speaking out has already allegedly caused tension in the family, Tamar doesn’t want to film with her mother after she spoke to TMZ about her marriage.

Mama Evelyn continues to speak out about her daughter and how much emotional and physical abuse she allegedly endured from her estranged husband. Mama Evelyn exposed her truth about the situation by saying to the TMZ cameras to “keep his hands off her child before he kills her.”

Allegedly Mama Evelyn has been doing interviews and not holding back. She’s tired of the secrets, the lies, the alleged abuse and the fake marriage that her daughter and Vince have marriage. A reliable source close to the family says that Tamar and Vince had been trying to hide the alleged abuse for years but her mom had the “audacity to tell the truth.”

Mama Evelyn is letting it all hang out, she also alleges that Vince blamed Tamar’s “mouth” for the abuse. When he met Tamar, she had the same mouth and he married her anyway. If these rumors are true, Vince played the role of a lifetime because I still have a hard time believing that he physically and emotionally abused her. There are always three sides to a story, his side, her side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Mama Evelyn was asked if she has ever confronted Vince about these alleged abuse allegations and she said, “his response was, it was Tamar’s mouth to blame.”

“It’s always ‘it’s Tamar’s mouth’…it’s always someone else. That does not give you the right to abuse her. Everybody has a mouth. Everyone should have the right to say what they want. Are you trying to beat [her] into submissiveness? No one has the right,” she says.

“Her sisters have been trying to fight Vince for a long time but it was always denied,” she also says.

Tamar posted the message below on her Instagram:

“This season of #TamarandVince is going to be hard for me. But I think it’s so important for you you all to see because I used to think marriage was easy and “i got this”… but like my mom says “sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you”! All new at 9pm on @wetv”

“I think too many women are abused, and it’s high time that we stand up and stop this madness,” Mama Evelyn says. “Do you know how many women are killed each year? I just don’t want Tamar to be a part of that.”

“If anything happens to Tamar, that’s Logan’s loss and her loss as well as her sisters.” “I don’t want that kind of pain,” she says. “Enough is enough. I don’t care how much they smile. I don’t care how much they pretend.”

Naturally, Vince previously denied the abuse allegations and said he’d be “praying” for Ms. Evelyn. We may never know the truth, has Tamar been abused? I don’t know. it just seems like Vince isn’t that type of man but anything is possible. Tamar does have a smart and sassy mouth but that never warrants a reason to allegedly assault her. I really hope and pray that the couple can resolve their issues and get back to the business at hand and that would be the music.

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Shemar Moore And Phaedra Parks



Actor Shemar Moore appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” a few months ago and Phaedra Parks was also on the show as well. Andy was trying to hook the two up together but it seemed liked it was more of Phaedra who wanted Shemar than Shemar wanting her.

He is one fine and sexy a$$ actor, why would he want an alleged con artist, liar, a woman who married a criminal who was also fired from “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” for starting rumors?

So back in December of last year, Phaedra and Shemar did kiss on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live.” But it was a forced kiss, it was so awkward it was funny but I guess Phaedra took that and ran with the idea that she was now Shemar’s play thing.

“This thing, it’s crazy to me, I just woke up, like last week and everybody’s like, ‘Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra!” said Shemar. “And look, I met Phaedra doing a nighttime talk show with Andy Cohen and Andy Cohen does this thing late at night and he likes to get you to drink. And so you’re loose and you have fun on his show.”

“So I walked in and I saw Phaedra and I know who Phaedra—-I’ve heard of Phaedra and she was looking like—and so she looked at me and I kinda had this sense of like, ‘Oh, she thinks I’m the guy from The Young and the Restless’ or ‘She thinks I’m a certain Shemar.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m gonna introduce you to a different kind of Shemar’,” he said.

“So I just decided to have a good time and she was such a good sport and we played and we flirted and we got our little kissy face on. And then that went viral and that’s the first and the last time that I’ve ever seen or met Phaedra.”

Phaedra just can’t get it together, she is now shopping for her own reality show and that isn’t looking good, she wants to get back on the housewives, I’m not sure that will ever happen with the current ladies they have on the show and the man she believed may be interested her, just dissed her a$$ on national tv and the internet.

Shemar made a video about him never dating Phaedra, him never being gay or liking little boys, just check out the video below for yourself:

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