Married To Medicine Recap!!

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Married To Medicine Recap!! This week on Married to Medicine, after the huge fight they had at Toya’s party, Mariah and Quad’s relationship is definitely strained.

The two BFF’s are really not friends anymore and this episode demonstrated how evil Quad can be. Now Quad was a favorite of mine but inviting someone to your husband’s birthday party and then dis-inviting them was tacky and it was rude. Aidan and Dr. Greg are friends and he really wanted to attend his friends birthday party to show him, whatever the wives are going through, it won’t affect them as friends. Dr. Greg asked Quad not to dis-invite the couple but she does as she wants to do and dis-invited them.

Quad did turn her husband’s birthday out, she set up appointments for all of the husbands at the barbershop and the men get an eyeful as Quad lays on some interesting entertainment for her husband’s birthday.

The unsuspecting guys are in for a surprise as they notice some ‘fine’ looking attendants, but then one of them suddenly does the splits right in front of them and begins her erotic dance. The guy’s eyes are popping out of their sockets!

The next stop was the cigar room, she had a special VIP Room for her husband and the other husbands. They laid it out with food and desserts, the only people were missing was Aidan and Mariah.

Well, these two shop up at the gate and security is instructed by Quad not to allow them entrance. Aidan became quite angry and Mariah was not only upset but mortified. They shouldn’t have showed up when they were told not to in the first place. The way Quad handled the situation was jacked up and she could have simply made a phone call instead of embarrassing them.

I can’t see this friendship ever going back to the way it was. I have seen Aidan angry before but not as angry as he was when security stopped him at the gate!!