Married To Medicine Recap!!

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Married To Medicine Recap!! Dr. Jackie was really upset from last week when Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole had a verbal spat at her photo shoot for breast cancer. That was not the time or place and it was such a petty argument that could have waited when the two ladies were in private to discuss the issue.

Lisa Nicole wasn’t there to support Dr. Jackie with her “Look Book,” because she refused to show her breasts, so why was she really there?

Dr. Jackie was so upset and hurt at how the ladies disrespected her photo shoot and how Mariah and Lisa Nicole appeared for the shoot but refused to expose their breasts. This was a fundraiser for breast cancer and Dr. Jackie almost lost her life twice due to breast cancer. Mariah and Lisa Nicole didn’t need to appear if they weren’t really supporting her.

Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole’s argument became so loud that Dr. Jackie kicked them all out of her photo shoot. These women are supposed to be professional but whenever they come together as a group, an altercation occurs.

Dr. Simone discovers news about her missing father, he was found in an abandoned house and he wasn’t alive. When Dr. Simone informed Quad, not only did tears fall from her face but they fell from mine. I felt her pain, I know she’s strong black woman and she will get through this pain, but losing your father, the way that he died, she has every right to be breakdown. When Dr. Jackie hears about her best friends father, she is shocked as well. All three of these ladies have lost their fathers and I I’m glad they had each other.

If I was Dr. Eugene, I would divorce Toya, she is going to kill that with stress. They have tax issues and she wants a 40’s birthday party? Girl that is not important, he told her for his birthday he wants nothing. He is the only one who is working, maybe she should get a job and help out her husband. He created this monster, she was going to have this party one way or another. She was able to convince Quad to throw her a back in the day Prom Birthday Party and Quad agreed with no hesitation and that was weird because these two never got along.

Quad wasn’t playing, she hooked Toya’s party up and she did it because they didn’t have anyone themselves, she is what I call a great friend. Everyone looked nice in their 80’s style prom outfits and Toya’s prom dress was beautiful, it was probably rented.

However, as usual, this group cannot get together without a verbal altercation. Quad accuses Mariah of gossiping about her, when Mariah denies it and calls Toya a liar. Toya “throws down” and calls out Mariah for talking behind Quad’s back, all of these ladies are fake as HELL!! Toya and Mariah arrived at the party together and now they arguing over something stupid. Then you have Quad and Dr. Simone arguing when she just lost her dad and Quad was right there by her side. I’m just a little confused.

“Fake ass,” Quad calls Mariah. We said there was a light at the end of the tunnel, light tends to also create shade.