Married To Medicine Lisa Nicole Fired!!

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Married to Medicine Lisa Nicole allegedly wanted to walk away form the hit reality show before actually getting fired, due to the many rumors regarding her switch hitting husband. Lisa Nicole is not an angel, she has done some dirt to these ladies that most women wouldn’t forgive.

Let’s not forget she stated that Mariah and Quad were lesbians, she ran a back round check on Quad who was supposed to be her friend, she went off on Jill at a strip club and she talked behind these ladies back, so the sweet innocent Lisa Nicole we first met, was not the real Lisa Nicole.

Several sources have indicated that she quit the show, when in fact she was allegedly fired. Lisa Nicole says that she and her husband, Dr. Darren are leaving Bravo and pursuing other options. Well, we know that’s bull sh$t, she needed to leave the show because she is one delusional crazy a$$ b$tch and her husband has been lying to her about having sex with men. If Lisa and her husband remained on the show, I’m pretty sure other men would come out of the woodwork saying they are sleeping with her husband.

For the next season, Lisa allegedly didn’t get offered a full time contract but she was offered a friend of the show contract, like Marlo Hampton who sometimes appears on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and with her bougie attitude, that is definitely a slap in the face when she believes she does no wrong. Whatever the lies she’s telling about walking away from the show is not true, it was not her decision to leave the show but the producers. She was boring anyway, the only interesting story about her was her husband being a switch hitter and how he contradicts everything he said on air.

Production for the new season has already begun and a source close to production revealed that Lisa has been blowing up her former cast mates phones over the past few weeks to ask about the new season. She knows she is fired and who is she contacting because she had no friends on the show anymore?

Lisa Nicole was definitely not a fan favorite and she certainly didn’t have anyone on her side, even on social media. She turned so many people away when so many people liked her in the beginning.

Glad she’s gone, she brought nothing to the show, hiding her husbands infidelities doesn’t mean the rumors will die or other men won’t come out with the truth about her switch hitting a$$ husband!!