Lyfe Jennings & Karlie Redd!! UGH!!

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Lyfe Jennings, known for numerous R&B hits like “Must Be Nice,” “S.E.X.,” and “Never Never Land,” among others, returns with a new studio album titled, ‘Tree of Lyfe’ which was released late in Jume 2015. Now the singer has been linked with the biggest HOE of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd!! Well, we know her sex gane keeps her with the men but we had no idea she was linked with the superstar.

Lyfe revealed that his ‘Tree of Lyfe’ project his his best work since 268-192. His favorite tracks from the album are ‘We Are Not The Same,’ ‘Hashtag’ and throwback/classic ‘I’ll Always Love You.’

Tree of Lyfe’s lead single, “Pretty Is,” was released earlier this year and was well received by fans. The new album also includes a few features like “We’re Not the Same” featuring Algebra Blessett and “Talkin’ About Love” with Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Demetria McKinney.

The last episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we see Lyfe Jennings appearing with Karlie Redd. We all know how notorious she is with her sh$t especially when it comes to a man but I don’t think Lyfe realized that until he saw her in action with Khadiyah and Sina. He seemed to be embarrassed but HELL that’s Karlie Redd.

For the record, Lyfe is single but he has been spotted with Karlie Redd a few times around town and his association with the reality show vixen has earned him a spot on the show as her potential love interest.

Lyfe revealed he’s making a few appearances on the show but, I can’t really get into that. Being that he has such a long musical past, I assumed that he and Karlie would be making ‘sweet music’ together on the show, but when asked, he chuckled at the thought of it, stating:

We’re definitely not a musical couple…. we just have two different styles and I don’t know how we’ll mesh em.

I can’t speak about the future, but we’re definitely not doing any Tina & Ike stuff…

It’s great to hear that Lyfe will be taking his talents to television and it will be interesting to see how his ‘relationship’ with Karlie turns out.