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Love & Hip Hop Miami Cast!!



Word on the street, Mona Scott Love has added to the Love and Hip Hop Franchise with Miami. So, yes there will be another Love and Hip Hop reality show and it seems like Miami will be sexy, the water, the sand, the bikinis, the sexy men in trunks, just a whole lot to look at besides the blue soothing water.

Now, the cast may be another issue, what we have heard so far, “The Baddest Chick,” rapper Trina, rapper Trick Daddy, rapper Plies and nasty as Kat Stacks are a few who are set to join the reality show. With just those four, its already set to be on fire!!

I can see Trina in Miami running things, I definitely love and respect her as a woman and an artist, however when it comes to Kat Stacks, I’m definitely not down with her and what she represents. I see her fighting everyone in sight, she’s not cute, she’s allegedly a friend of of cocaine and she’s ratchet as f$ck. Who is really going to be down with her? She will continue to create and bring drama to the show in order to keep herself relevant.

Also, allegedly the producers of the show have decided to bring on two Miami strippers who I hear are violent and just as hood as they can be. The producers want as much drama as they can get and with two strippers being added to the show, there will not just be drama but you can bet there will be bombs exploding everywhere. This will definitely boost the ratings and I can see this franchise maybe outshining Atlanta because they are in the lead as of right now.

Plies and Trick Daddy, two rappers who are now being a part of a reality show. I really hope they understand that this reality show will not revive their failing careers as rappers, its probably going to make them look worse because the producers only seem to care about the ratings.

Kat Stacks whose government name is Andrea Herrera, she earned her claim to fame by dating infamous rappers and stirring up controversy. She has allegedly slept with Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne and Nelly, those are just a few names, I hear there are more. She has a number of YouTube videos featuring her which somehow has gone viral and that’s where a lot of her fame comes from along with the infamous rappers she claims she has dated.

Before she became an internet h$e, she ran into some trouble early in her life when she began dating a pimp who put her out there to be sold, allegedly.

She has written a book entitled, “Becoming Kat Stacks” she does have a son which is a good thing, if she had a daughter, she may have followed in her foot steps and we have enough of her. She is now on a reality show next to someone like Trina, no wonder its up in the air whether Trina is set to join the Love and Hip Hop Franchise. Trina is on a much higher ground than Kat Stacks but the money doesn’t stop, Trina may as well get paid too!!

I guess we will just have to wait and see!!

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Love After Lock Up



WeTv’s new reality show, “Love after lock up,” is very entertaining and very informative. Ex-gang banger Lamar meets fiancee Andrea’s kids but they fear for her safety. Andrea has been dating this man for six years while incarcerated. It seems to me that she very desperate to have a man just to say that you have a man. That man can be using that whack ass line on anybody.

Johnna’s dad doubts Garrett’s proposal and I’m pretty sure we all feel the same way. James races to confront Alla and is shocked by what he finds. She’s scared that she may be pregnant. Which we doubt, she’s trying to secure a bag from anybody. Johnna confronts Garrett after he stays out all night with his friends. I mean what did she expect? He wanted and needed to just hang with fella’s and not her for only one day. But, Johanna couldn’t take it.

Lizzie’s release is met with devastating news, after weeks of no ring, Garrett makes an expensive purchase that upsets Johnna. Lamar gets a taste of Andrea’s jealousy hours after his release.

Garrett finally popped the question on Johnna’s birthday. The awaited proposal and big ring was everything Johnna hoped for. Except, when she broke the news to her dad, he wasn’t exactly happy, just a bit confused. Johnna’s dad says she has always sought instant satisfaction her entire life and that he’s had enough of it. In his opinion, Garrett only just got out of prison and Johnna is pressuring him to meet her at the altar way too soon. Now, Johnna might be second-guessing Garrett’s motive behind the proposal altogether.

Last week, Scott headed to pick up Lizzie from prison on her release date, but she wasn’t on the parolee list. Scott was devastated, he didn’t know what to believe. Was Lizzie pulling a trick on him all along or was something worse at play? After meeting with Lizzie’s attorney, Scott found out that she’s facing more hard time behind bars and he’s partially to blame. He’s not the blame, these are her decisions, you ca’t stop a person for being who they are.

On Lamar’s release, Andrea drove from Utah to California to find her fiancé so that they can start their lives together. With the another baby mama in the drama, things were off to a rough start, but the plan has always been for Lamar to spend six months in Los Angeles County post-release before moving to Utah to wed Andrea and join her family. Now that Lamar’s been out and had more time to understand the conditions of his parole, he’s learned about a major restriction that’s going to devastate Andrea. He can’t leave the state because of his parole. This woman packed up her clothes and her kids clothes to drive to his home state to meet the kids. She seems so desperate, holding on to a man who was just released from prison. She has to do better than that, she is her daughters role model and she should act accordingly.

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Married To Medicine Recap!



Married To Medicine Recap!! Dr. Heavenly claims to be a relationship expert but she needs to stick with being a dentist or maybe going back to college to understand what a relationship expert really is. What qualifies her as being a relationship expert, because she calls her husband “daddy?”

I have much respect for Dr. Damon, he is always calm, very humble but he is the King in his castle, he never raises his voice but he stands his ground and supports his wife whether she is wrong or not. Dr. Heavenly is certainly blessed to have Dr. Damon as her husband, but she goes too far. She can be as outspoken as she wants too but the questions she asked Toya and Dr. Eugene was not her business and I applaud Toya for going off. Yes we see Toya and for us, she does seem a little disrespectful towards her husband but we see more of that coming from Quad towards her husband. The questions she asked the couple were for her benefit and not for the couples.

Dr. Simone and Cecil have always planned the couple trips through out the years and they have always been informative and helpful, they have always participated with their own issues but Dr. Heavenly refused to share any of her own problems with the group and that wasn’t fair. She claims that the issues she and her husband have are minor, bull that is bull donkey. No marriage is perfect and neither is hers.

Once she began to ask questions she seemed to pushed everyone’s buttons, it was a disaster on the beach! Jackie finally breaks down emotionally and allows herself to be open with Curtis in front of the group but Curtis doesn’t seem to see the big picture. He married a doctor, she knew she was a workaholic but for Dr. Heavenly to ask Dr. Jackie what did the other woman he cheated with do that she didn’t do? That is a hurtful question which shouldn’t have been shared for the group, but shared with Dr. Jackie and Cecil. Dr. Jackie was a trooper though, she opened up, I don’t fault her for wanting to fight for her marriage, I just wish Curtis would fight for her just a bit more.

Dr. Simone and Cecil hit the fan, especially when Dr. Simone asked him if it was okay for him to invest their money without discussing it with her first? Cecil went ham, he got loud, he told Heavenly that he and his wife have discussed it, the situation was over but Heavenly kept pushing. He stormed off the beach, he felt bamboozled but he acknowledged that he was wrong. Cecil and Dr. Greg followed him and they calmed him down. He apologized to his wife and the group but this is not over, Dr. Simone has already filed for divorce.

Quad and Greg are in a rock and a hard place. I feel what Quad is saying, she just wants appreciation and as her husband he can’t continue to throw up the fact that he takes care of her, he’s supposed too but Quad is very disrespectful to her husband and its embarrassing. Maybe if she shows his appreciation for her, maybe their marriage can last. Paying bills for the both is what a man is supposed to do, he can’t continue to throw that in her face when she has a job and college educated.

Mariah shares with Dr. Jackie that she has been where she is now. Yes, her husband has cheated on her and its okay to fight for your marriage. Mariah definitely impressed me by sharing her story and Dr. Jackie was definitely appreciative that Mariah opened up and shared her story.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Damon, this trip would have been a disaster. Heavenly likes to push buttons and with these ladies, it always turns into conflict. Now that Dr. Simone and Cecil are divorcing, who will plan their next couples treat? Please don’t let it be Dr. Heavenly, she is too shady for me.

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