Lira Galore Taking Legal Action!!

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Thotalicious Lira Galore claims she is taking legal action against the person or people who leaked her sex tape. Last week a sex tape leaked of Lira Galore on her knees servicing a man and she claims she has no idea how the sex tape leaked.

She claims the man in the sex tape is not NBA player Lance Stephenson but that is her with an old ex-boyfriend. Now, personally I for one said she probably leaked the tape herself and I’m sorry, I still believe she leaked the sex tape, we are still saying her name in the blogs. She is trying to find her to way to fame and sleeping around with this baller and that baller doesn’t seem to be working for her.

Now, the former GGurl model is taking legal action against any of the blogs who posted the video. It’s funny that she says that, once the sex tape was leaked, she responded on Twitter, “Ya’ll act like ya’ll never seen d$ck sucked before?” Who responds like that? I get that she’s owning what she was doing, but when she appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life last year, it was supposed to help her with her past and her present. Once I saw her Twitter response, she was on the show for a check only and she wants to blame other people for the mistakes she made in her life. Had she come out on her Twitter with a different response, she may have more people fighting for her instead of against her.

Lira has allegedly been with a number of celebrities, one we are all familiar with and that was Rick Ross. The two were engaged, they shot a music video together and you really kind of believed they were really getting married once you saw the music video but that train stopped right in the middle of the tracks when a picture of her and Meek Mill surfaced online. Rick Ross had just signed Meek to his label and allegedly neither one had confessed to seeing each other. The pic was kind of old and you could tell that it may have been a few years back but because his lady didn’t inform him of the pic is why he dropped her like a hot potato. Imagine if he was still planning to marry her and this sex tape leaked? He definitely dodged a bullet but he isn’t the only super star she has been linked too. It’s just too many to name, just know that if you uploaded her sex tape on any blogs she is “allegedly,” taking legal action.

She has a lot of nerve, girl you trending, be happy somebody saying your name. Maybe you’ll get a show out of this last mess but going around saying that you’re taking legal action, just take the legal action. You sound dumb as f$ck with that fake a$$ body, girl gone somewhere and suck somebody else’s d$ck!!