Lil Kim Alleged Robbery Suspect

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Rap superstar Lil Kim also known as Queen Bey is allegedly a suspect in a break in and a robbery, we all know the Queen is about that life but, after she did a little bit of time in jail and becoming a mother, she has changed her ways tremendously. Would she really risk her life and her child’s life as well as her career and reputation over a robbery? This Lil Kim we know today, is not the same Lil Kim from 20 years ago, I find that hard to believe.

Allegedly, the Queen is under investigation by the LAPD after a woman claims she was robbed by Lil Kim’s minions. According to several media outlets, the alleged altercation was over a beach front home that the Queen rented in L.A. to throw a party for the BET Awards. The report states, Lil Kim went to check out the the home early Sunday morning and was disappointed in the home and she decided she didn’t want to rent the home and she wanted her deposit back. If Lil Kim wasn’t satisfied with a rental for the weekend, she had every right to request her deposit back.

When Lil Kim asked for her deposit, the woman told he, she wan’t entitled to getting her deposit back and that’s when an argument between the two ladies ensued. The woman called the police, I guess she feared her life but Lil Kim and her team vacated the property before the police arrived.

A couple of hours later, the owners of the beach front home claims a group of what may have been men in ski masks broke into the home and grabbed Lil Kim’s deposit check, which was $20,000. So how did the these alleged robbers know where the check was and why would they take the check knowing that Lil Kim’s name is on the check? If she cashes the check, she will be in trouble, that would be proof that she had something to do with the break in and the stolen check. Allegedly, the robbers also cut the owners tires as they left the property and this is according to the LAPD.

Right now, there is no proof that Lil Kim and or her minions had anything to do with the break in and the robbery, so far all they have is circumstantial evidence, however that isn’t going to stop the LAPD from investigating Lil Kim and her minions. If she did have something to do with the robbery, she better not cash that check or give that check to anyone on her team to cash or deposit into the bank. She needs to call the bank and place a stop payment on the check, that way she protects herself from being a possible suspect, let’s just say it ain’t so Lil Kim.

Sunday night the BET Awards 2017 airs and Lil Kim and Havoc of Mobb Deep will be honoring the late Prodigy, he passed away last week at such an early age, his death really scares you because he so young when he passed away. Rest In Peace Prodigy and we are looking forward to this tribute and we pray that Lil Kim is not apart of this robbery/break in situation.