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Love and Hip Hop New York is getting better and better, the drama with these ladies and Mendeecees is a hot a$$ mess but we are going to try and get to the bottom of why Erika and Samantha are going in so hard on Yandy.

Samantha is definitely not happy with the rumors Yandy has allegedly been spreading. Yandy sits down with Samantha and Erika to try and keep the peace, but her good intentions are totally overlooked. Instead, Erika and Samantha turn the tables on her, and end up confronting her about the “lies” she’s telling the world. Samantha seems to think the world thinks Yandy is a goody two shoe and that she is an unfit mother. One thing that we the fans and the viewers know, Yandy or Mendeecees have never bashed Samantha on camera about her being a bad mother nor have the bashed Erika, so where is all of this animosity coming from? Mendeecees is fine as HELL, maybe he is packing and got these chicks going crazy over him while he is doing time in prison.

Desperate to keep all the ladies in his life happy, Mendeecees begs his wife to meet with Samantha and Erica while he’s away. Yandy is hesitant to call a group meeting, and now we can truly understand why.

“You out here making up rumors and false accusations that I didn’t raise my son,” Samantha says to Yandy. “It makes me puke, all the BS that you’ve been spitting. I’m not going to have you doing that anymore!”

There’s a new allegation in the ongoing beef between Mendeecees and his baby mamas Samantha and Erika and, it involves another rumor, the allegations appear to be serious. We have seen some insults get thrown from Yandy and Yandy’s mother in law Judy against Mendeecees’ and his baby mamas, and Samantha in particular.

At first, it looked like the four women would mostly engage in shade-throwing, and possibly a little light backstabbing. However, most recently the drama has hit a whole level that we have never seen, it now involves a set of supposedly racy photos featuring Samantha engaged in sex acts for money, Yandy and Judy are threatening to blackmail Samantha with them. Well, Samantha and Erika were planning the same ambush on Yandy, not sure what they were trying to do but I see this more of a Judy thing, than a Yandy thing.

Apparently, an anonymous source has come forward to allege that Samantha has been neglecting Lil Mendeecees while going out and allegedly partying in the clubs. “Her son,” says the woman, of Samantha and Lil Mendeecees, “is on my living room floor while she’s out drinking champagne and eating shrimp….I want to call ACS [Administration for Children’s Services] because Lil’ Mendeecees hasn’t been stable since his father went to jail and he’s furious all the time.”

Through Samantha’s yelling, Yandy tries to keep the focus in the children, instead of getting caught up in Mendeecees personal life, but judging by the deadly looks Erica’s giving, it’s not working. Erica manages to hold her tongue until the very end, leaving her shady eyes to do most of the talking. Are these ladies jealous of Yandy’s romance with Mendeecees, or is Yandy the bad guy for spreading rumors?

Samantha, for her part, isn’t letting the latest gossip and rumors about Mendeecees or Lil Mendeecees get her down. But Judy is going to defend her son to the end and she says Lil Mendeecees has been living with his father for 8 years and that the reason he is in prison is from years ago when he was with Samantha who was allegedly benefiting from his drug money. Judy has also claimed her son has paid her bills while she completed school and that her mother Kim was alleged a crackhead. Oooooweee Judy let it all out, she says she has bailed out Samantha from jail a few times on bank fraud and a number of other times.

Samantha, you may want to have a seat and shut the f$ck up because whatever sex tape you have, if you have one, it will surface. All of these ladies need to work out whatever there damn differences are and keep these children together.