LHHNY Samantha Explains Her Beef W/Yandy!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Samantha decides she wants to air out her dirty laundry when it comes to Yandy. She wants to give the real reason she is feuding with her. We can just about figure out why she has an issue with Yandy, she has the man she wanted and still wants. She is breaking down her issues with baby mama number three.

Samantha claims that Yandy has created this fairytale with LIES…”—Samantha Samantha, who is the mother of little Mendeecees has been working alongside Erika, other baby mama to interfere with Yandy and Mendeecees relationship. These women are foul and tacky and Yandy is no better by lying to the whole world about being married to Mendeecees. These bitter baby mama’s have a point, they have a right to be as well.

According to Sam, her real issue with Mendeecees’ “wife” is that she tried to paint her as a deadbeat mom who neglected her son for eight years. I believe the issue with that scenario, we never knew anything about her until recently, all the fans believed, was that Mendeecees has full custody of his son.

“My story has never been about a relationship or marriage,” wrote Sam on Instagram. “People always say “Why do you care so much about Yandy”? Well, because THIS drama has been brought about from her.

She created this fairytale story with LIES. […] The biggest problem I have is her co-conspiring with the father saying I wasn’t in my son’s life for eight years. Now, as a strong pro-women advocate, I would have never lied like that on her or any women for NO man.”

Samantha and Erica are plotting so hard against Yandy to destroy her fairy tale life. Yandy really needs to watch her back, that Samantha appears ruthless.