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LHHNY Reunion Part 1!!



Host Nina Parker is back again to host another Love and Hip Hop New York reunion. She starts off with Cardi B and Swift, she wants to know if the two are in a relationship, Swift informs Nina that they aren’t, just friends and he produces her music. I love Cardi B but that whack a$$ ponytail was wrong as f$ck, she needs to fire her hairstylist but Cardi is not the one to be played with.

Nina brings out Asia who was Swift’s girlfriend during the show, the two broke up over Cardi and when Cardi laid eyes on Asia, she just wanted to jump her because of all the nasty things she said about her in a text to Swift. When Nina asked Asia why did Cardi bother her, she couldn’t get anything out because Cardi was over talking her and she really didn’t want to hear what she had to say. At one point, Cardi jumped up to go after Asia and her sister Hennessy and Bianca held her back but Cardi still got the last laugh by throwing her shoe.

The Creep Squad was next, oh damn I mean The B$tch Squad was on the panel discussing their beef with Cisco. Cisco realized his actions were jacked up and he thought Peter could work it out with the rest of the crew. Cisco did give Peter the $10,000 he interfered with and Peter handed it right over to Tara, he’s a sucker. But, Rich and Cisco will never be friends again, they all came out with the creep squad clothing which should have been renamed the b$tch squad clothing and they left Cisco out of the deal. Yep, he’s a little salty because he claims he came up with creep squad and how can they have a clothing line without including him? Oooooh they so damn petty, I just don’t like weak a$$ men and that’s who they are.

Snoop acts more like a mature man than these so called men, she handles herself very calmly and she doesn’t seem to allow anything to bother her. J. Adrienne was at the reunion doing what she does best and that’s being an actress. I’m just glad Snoop dumped that fake a$$, she got her 5 minutes of fame, so what now?

Remy Ma and Papoose discuss their marriage and how they are coping with the loss. They seem to be doing okay, I love these two as a couple, Pap is totally in love with his wife and he would do nothing to hurt her. They were the best dressed couple at the reunion and I’m so glad to see them together.

Next its the bitter baby mama club as Nina tries to establish a timeline for Mendeecees’ past relationships. Yandy claims that during her relationship with the incarcerated entertainment manager, there was no other woman involved. However, Erika claims that Yandy is lying and that there was definitely an overlap between their relationships.

When Nina tries to get Samantha’s say in all of this, Judy responds that they were all aware of each other while with Mendeecees. This gets Samantha and her mother, Kim, who then gets into a full-blown argument with Judy. With tensions escalating and expletives being thrown around, bodyguards suddenly appear to prevent any physical altercations.

Nina then tries to break up the fight by announcing that she has spoken to Mendeecees on the phone and he has given a statement regarding the feud involving the three women. We all heard the conversation with Mendeecees and he breaks it down, he wasn’t ignorant about the situation, he doesn’t dog Samantha or Erika as they have tried to dog Yandy. He wasn’t in love with Erika, she wasn’t in love with him, they were never in a relationship and Mendeecees says this is 13 years old. Damn, he also states that Erika knew about Samantha while she was pregnant and Erika didn’t care. When he and Yandy split for a minute he had unprotected sex with Erika and that’s when their son was created. He ended the call by professing his love to Yandy, that should be the end of this pettiness but its not.

Kimbella gets involved and Erika tries to come after her but security and Yandy, J. Adrienne try to hold Kimbella away from Erika. Why did Erika get so heated when Kimbella said what she had to say? That’s the anger she felt after the call from Mendeecees, she was taking it out on Kimbella but she is no one to play with either.

Things get so heated that Yandy’s cousin runs up from the audience and tries to hit Samantha. There’s also instances of hair-pulling and shoes being thrown when chaos erupts in the studio.

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LHHH Princess Pregnant Leaves Ray J



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s couple of the year, Princess Love and Ray J have allegedly called it quits due to his alleged public infidelity in a hotel with allegedly not one but two women. Princess is currently pregnant and this is the type of stress she does not need. Say it ain’t so Ray J, please!!

But, I digress, after only a year of being married, the couple actually got married in August 2016 on the hit reality show and now it appears that their marriage is a done deal after a video hits the internet with Ray J in a hotel room with two women. I guess one wasn’t enough, he better get a sex doll if he wants two women. I’m just saying, he can’t be that stupid, is this a story line for the upcoming season? These reality stars and the lies, its just hard for me to believe that he could be that dumb but HELL, anything is possible.

Princess announced the break up on her Instagram account saying “keep foolin the world but you can’t fool me anymore.”

She was one of those women who believed that she could change a man, you can never change a man, you can only change yourself. That’s the mistake as women that we make, you married that man the way he was, marrying him will not change his ways unless he wants too. Its a hard lesson to learn but I am praying that this is just a rumor, I just can’t see Ray J being that DAMN DUMB.

So far, Ray J has not confirmed or denied the rumors but the video is out there, he doesn’t really need to confirm or deny anything, he told on himself. Check out the video below and leave your comments, what do you all see and believe.

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RHOA Kenya Moore Defends Her Actions



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kenya Moore defends her bad attitude and piss poor actions towards her supposedly BFF Cynthia Bailey who is always defending her and Shamea Morton, a friend of the show on last night’s episode.

Shamea was Porsha’s friend until last season when she watched her friend defend Phaedra and not her so their relationship is still a little rocky but Shamea puts on that nice girl smile and keeps it moving. I don’t know if Kenya doesn’t like her because she is friends with Porsha or what, but she was extremely disrespectful to everyone, even the Bravo producers and their was no need for her bad behavior.

Now she wants to explain her actions, I don’t think the fans or the viewers really care, Kenya has lied on the show, she’s been nasty and rude to people, now she has this alleged husband that her BFF Cynthia doesn’t even know, she takes her frustrations out on everyone accept herself.

On the previous episode of the hit reality show, she dismissed Shamea while trying to volunteer during hurricane Harvey relief. Porsha and Cynthia both had events to help the people who were affected by the hurricane, when Kenya decided last minute to show up, she had her own thing going and pulled Cynthia away from Porsha’s event to support her. Porsha sent Shamea to assist with Kenya because she wasn’t able to help due to her own event and Kenya was rude as HELL towards her. All she wanted to know was an address to help and Kenya made her feel rejected but Shamea kept that smile on her face and did what she had to do.

After the ladies completed their tasks, they met for dinner where Kenya appeared late. Shamea had some things on her chest and she asked Kenya about her actions towards her and she stormed away from the table and went to the ladies room. Things escalated in the ladies room with the producers as Porsha was trying to figure out why she was so irate. Like Kenya was going to confide in Porsha, she’s so fake but she gave the producers the middle finger and slammed the ladies room door. Next thing we know, she leaves the restaurant without saying good bye, but her BFF Cynthia was right on her tail trying to figure out the issue. Kenya rolled the window up on Cynthia and pulled off, now she wants to explain because the episode aired, I have no sympathy or words for Kenya. She wants too much attention and she’s not getting any.

According to Kenya, the cameras left out some major details that allegedly occurred during their dinner scene that caused her horrible behavior. Yes, I believe the producers are creating drama with these ladies but this is a reality show and she knows the deal. Stop with the sympathy card and the own the fact that she’s a liar who craves attention.

“Cameras never tell the FULL story. @cynthiabailey10 is a true friend who NEVER blindly defends me,” wrote Kenya on Instagram.

“She is the toughest person I know and quick to put me in my place. She said I was being rude. She said “she didn’t see all that”. And FYI we all attended @porsha4real Last “event” after gutting our house in 100 degree weather just before it ended.”

She claims that she spoke to Shamea about her rudeness and claims that people’s actions towards Cynthia is what set her off and why she stormed off. But if that was the case, she wouldn’t have been rude to Cynthia nor would she have rolled the window up in her face. She was wrong, she’s getting a lot of back lash and now she wants to clean it up. I really hope Cynthia wakes the f$ck up, Kenya is not her friend and she proves it time and time again.

“There is no excuse for me being rude to @shameamorton and we later talked at a more appropriate time,” added Kenya. “I appreciate her efforts. But the nonsense at that table you didn’t see or hear is what I reacted to. Certain people chastising and criticizing Cynthia for not being at certain “events” when NO ONE else would travel to support her. People forcing a reaction and a scene for camera time… that’s what I reacted to.”

Her explanation means nothing to me and I hope it means nothing to Cynthia, she caused this riff raff and now she wants to clear the air, girl bye!! Bravo, didn’t yall fire her fake a$$?

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