LHHNY Recap!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Recap!! Yandy finally opens up to Juju and Kimbella about the truth behind her relationship with Mendeecees. Yandy didn’t seem to confident as she explained her relationship to Juju and Kimbella.

Yandy claims that before she signed the marriage certificate, the day of their wedding, she was told that she could be held liable for Mendeecees crimes, meaning the restitution he is responsible for could be transferred to her as his wife and she felt like she shouldn’t be held responsible for crimes that she did not commit.

Why I think this is bull sh$t, if Yandy was going to marry Mendeecees before he entered prison, as his wife, she could still be looked at as being held responsible so the restitution theory, I don’t believe. I know it doesn’t matter what I believe, its her relationship but we all have a right to our opinions because they have made if the public’s business by sharing their lives with the world.

The looks on Juju and Kimbella’s faces were priceless. You could see disbelief all over their faces, these are your friends and they never knew the truth?

Erika confronts Yandy about being locked out of her apartment and the two ladies had a verbal argument that almost got physical. Security stepped in and separated the two. Erika feels that her name is on the lease at that apartment with Mendeecees and Yandy had no right to change the locks. I don’t think Erika knows what Power Of Attorney means, she kept saying her name is first on the lease. Damn, girl, just dumb as heck, Mendeecees signed over Power Of Attorney to Yandy whether they are married or not, meaning Yandy can do whatever she wants for Mendeecees and changing the locks is what she did.

Mendeecees calls Erika from the federal prison and checks her about Yandy. I guess Yandy told Mendeecees that Erika called the police on her and he was calling to find out what the heck was going on. Erika says she never called the police, she called the locksmith to have locks changed back but if this an apartment that she doesn’t live in, why does it matter? It matters because Samantha and Erika cannot stand Yandy Smith. Mendeecees is already in prison, he shouldn’t have to hear about these women fighting, he should be hearing about his children growing and loving each other but all of these women can’t get out of their own way.

Bianca throws a drink on Mariahlynn because she told Sky where Drewski would be, it looks like those two aren’t friends anymore. Cisco is really trying to push up on Mariahlynn for business and personal. He tells Rich that he met with Mariahlynn and she isn’t happy with the contract Self wants her to sign. Rich doesn’t approve of Cisco going behind Self’s back, they are all friends and he should have made a phone call and discussed the situation like a man.

Rich runs and tells Self who instantly gets upset with Mariahlynn and Cisco. During Mariahlynn’s performance, Cisco appeared then DJ Self showed up. Cisco and Self had words, it got heated, security had to separate the two men. Self kicks Cisco out of the Creep Squad, now that was funny, Self says, “I’m the new leader of the creep squad,” that sentence really got Cisco fired up, it was about 5 security guards holding him down.