LHHNY–Mendeecees Denied Early Release!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Mendeecees Harris applied for early release and unfortunately he was denied. I’m not sure why Mendeecees believed he could apply for early release when he has only been locked up for maybe 2 years. However, his application was denied and it looks like the handsome inmate will have to serve the time of 8 years in Federal before he is released.

VH1 actually received news of the court case and reports that Mendeecees request for early release was denied. His sentence is upheld despite the details on his good deeds behind bars. Just because Mendeecees has done good deeds behind bars now, we have to remember it was behind bars and not before he was locked up. You can’t expect to receive gratification when you had to be locked up to show the powers that be that you are a good man.

Mendeecees’ attorneys argued that Mendeecees had been sentenced under expired guidelines, and that three years should be taken off of his term and his legal team also argued that Mendeecees had turned his life around before beginning his prison sentence: he was making a name for himself as a motivational speaker and anti-drug crusader, speaking specifically to groups of children up and down the East Coast.

Mendeecees surrendered to begin his formal sentence in December of 2015, meaning he was originally scheduled to be released in December of 2023. But Judge Geraci credited Mendeecees with the 15 months he had already served, so his new release date is in September or October of 2022.

VH1 writes:

a U.S. District judge refused Mendeecees’ request to have his federal drug trafficking sentence reduced from 8 years to 5 years. His lawyer, Dawn Florio, noted that a change in federal sentencing guidelines meant there might be an opportunity to reduce the original sentence given back in December 2015. Florio argued that the Harlem
native’s role in the drug ring was only minor, and on top of that, Mendeecees has turned in over $170,000 in restitution and even met with youth organizations four times a week to pay back his debt to society.

That apparently wasn’t enough to sway the courts. Though this is sad news for the Harris family, Mendeecees has accepted the consequences of his crimes and shared the lessons he’s learned along the way.

I do believe Mendeecees is a good man and maybe he was caught up in the wrong environment but when you do the crime, you must do the time and all of the time. I get he wants to be out and be a father to his children but these are his actions and he has to be held responsible for. Eight years is a long time especially when you have 2 young sons at home being raised by their mothers, its probably kicking his a$$ knowing that he can’t be around for them.