LHHNY JuJu & Cam’Ron Pregnant!!

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The newest member who joined Love and Hip Hop New York was Juju along with fiance’ Cam’Ron. JuJu announced her pregnancy and we wish them the best of luck with her pregnancy, she is such a beautiful and intelligent young lady.

Cam’Ron posted some negative things a few years back stating if a woman doesn’t have a baby by age 35, her p$ssy is whack. I can’t believe he allowed those words to come out of his mouth. JuJu is no spring chicken and I’m sure she is older than 35. Did Cam’Ron feel that way about his fiance? He can hurt a lot of women who don’t have children at the age of 35 due to medical issues or they may not want to have any children. That doesn’t mean their p$ssy is whack. Women experience issues with their bodies that they can understand and for him to say that was foul as hell!! I have no respect for a man like him, even if the two look good together.

JuJu aka Juliet was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Miami. Juju most definitely has brains and beauty, she is self made which is refreshing in this world we live in. Where is JuJu from? A lot of people question her nationality, due to her beautiful skin color but she is Cuban.

JuJu attended Barry University, this school happens to be the one of the top schools, but she excelled and graduated with honors. When most students get into prestigious school’s because of their parent’s donations it was a performance scholarship that got her into that institution. She studied liberal arts and after graduating moved back to New York to start a career in real estate.

Cam and JuJu met through friends and have dated on and off for almost 10 years. Cam’s net worth is in the millions and JuJu actually hustled for her own money. JuJu is in real estate and she started her own hair company ‘Candy Jewels’ and later invested in an urban clothing line called ‘Staple Pigeon’. She also wrote a book about being with a man in the music industry and she is spilling some juicy tea about her experience with a successful rapper. She also tells it all in her book about rap stars and the women they get involved in. Sounds like a very interesting book that I must read.

Congrats to the happy couple, we wish them the best and we pray her pregnancy goes well with no complications, remember she is over the age of 35, allegedly, so how does Cam feel about her age and having a baby? Cam has no idea what a woman has to go through to get pregnant. But, I digress, I wish JuJu an easy pregnancy without any issues.