LHHNY–J. Adrienne Dating Milan–LHHH!!

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J. Adrienne of Love and Hip Hop New York appeared on the last season with Snoop “Felicia Pearson,” as her girlfriend but her past caught up with her and it was a good thing. These fans and viewers will call you out, especially when they feel you aren’t on the up and up. I know I felt like this J. Adrienne was not in love with Snoop, I felt like she was on the show to get a leg up into the reality tv world and to find out she has already been on a few reality shows, was not a surprise to me.

J. Adrienne was a fighting for a chance to win on VH1’s, “Real Chance of Love.” She came close to winning Chance’s heart but she didn’t, that was years ago. She is still trying to solidify a position on reality tv and it just hasn’t been a good look for her.

Sometime in between 2009 and 2016, J. Adrienne ended up falling for a woman, she claims she has never been with a woman until she met Snoop. The light bulb clicked for me, she’s never been in a relationship with a woman but she drops everything for Snoop who is best-known for being on “The Wire,” ended up dating. But, J proved to be jealous, obsessive and fake, Snoop wasn’t with that. She wanted to believe that J. was in for her but the more J. talked about her own career, Snoop realized she wasn’t there for her, she was there for herself and all that Snoop could do for her. Snoop ended the relationship and she went cuckoo for cocoa puffs on Snoop.

During the reunion, Snoop revealed she and J. Adrienne were a done deal, following everything that happened. Ultimately, the two decided not even be friends, J. has now found someone new in her life. This appears to be as fake as the last relationship she was in.

The new person in her life is Milan, best-known for being one half of “Love and Hip Hop’s” first gay couple, on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.”

These reality stars are a mess, how can you be gay one day, the next day you’re not? Anything for a dollar, these two definiteley deserve each other, I hope they are using condoms, too many tri-sexuals and a person could catch a real disease. I’m glad to see that Snoop has moved on with her life because this J. Adrienne has proved she was only with Snoop for television. And Milan, he hasn’t been seen since his whack a$$ ending on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, good day!!