LHHNY Finale!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Finale Recap!! This season seems as if this was a rather long season, too many people being added to the show and it makes you not want to watch no longer than six weeks. It was just too much with the bitter baby mama club and the creep squad issues, too much!! I’m glad the season is over.

Remy Ma and Papoose are still dealing with their miscarriage as a family but they do have their own children they have to take care of. Remy’s son Jace and Pap’s daughter DeJanay are aspiring rappers and with the help of their famous parents, they are taking their rap career to the next level.

When Swift reveals his true feelings to Cardi B, she must decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level. Cardi may not be returning to the hit reality show who took a chance on her and it was a good chance. We fell for Cardi instantly, she says she has a lot of offers and she wants to continue with her music and continue with acting but this is the problem I see with reality stars. The more notoriety reality stars gain, they see it as an opportunity to move on from it all began and sometimes moving on, may be moving too soon. She is not an Oscar Winning Actress, I have never heard her songs on the radio, so for me I think she’s moving too fast and I think they need to get her a new hairstylist with those whack a$$ wigs.

The Creep Squad continues to have issues when Rich Dollaz catches Cisco being friendly with Mariahlynn. The creep squad for me has a new name, “bitter b$tches,” these are supposed to be men but they act more like b$tches. I don’t know who is the worse, Rich, Cisco, DJ Self or Peter but one thing is for sure these whack a$$es would never be my man.

Sky walks away from Drewski after her buys her a new car that she can only use under certain conditions. He is a trip, he can flirt with Bianca but when Sky flips it, makes him jealous, in order for her to get the new car he bought her, she has to change her phone number. I’m not so sure that is something I would have done especially after watching how he acted with Bianca during the entire season. He may have lost her for good.

Snoop turns to fellow actor and friend Michael K. Williams for support in dealing with the situation surrounding Snoop’s foster mom. Snoop is on her foster mom’s death certificate and her foster mom is on her birth certificate, all she wants to do is bring her mom from PA to Baltimore where she will be at home, she doesn’t feel that her mom is at peace.

The meeting between Yandy, Judy, Kimbella, Samantha, Erika, and Kim becomes so chaotic that nothing gets resolved. Kimbella got to talking out the side of her neck and said some sh$t she had no business saying in front of the bitter baby mama club. If Yandy is her girl and she felt a certain way about Mendeecees, that is between her and Yandy. That probably would have been the end of our friendship, its one thing to talk about him to me but to say it in the streets is wrong as f$ck.

But Judy, Judy, Judy, she spilled all the tea and told Samantha to quit asking her son for his sperm and I can believe that Sam probably has asked Mendeecees for his sperm so that she could have another baby by him, She can deny it all she wants but Judy is not making that up and the look on Yandy’s face was priceless.