LHHNY Erika Still Coming For Yandy!!

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Temporary Love and Hip Hop New York Erika DeShazo is one of Mendeecees baby mothers and she hates Yandy Smith with a passion. She continues to come for Yandy while Mendeecees is locked up doing 8 years in a federal prison. Its funny how we never heard a peep from her and we never knew he had another son with another woman until the day he and Yandy walked down the aisle to get married, and now we find out the two aren’t married but, I digress. Its confusing that she and Samantha would wait until he is locked up to come after Yandy. Both baby mama’s actions speaks for themselves.

Erika explains that she has been a part of the Harris family for over 13 years. Unlike Yandy, Erika has a great relationship with Samantha and that means what to the viewers? Samantha isn’t with Mendeecees but Yandy is, she should have a great relationship with Yandy and Samantha seeing as both women have children by the same man.

If you’re confused about Mendeecees kids we don’t blame you, Erika shed some light on the situation, she explains that her and Mendeecees were in a relationship when they welcomed his second son Aasim.

According to Erika, Yandy made up a story about Mendeecees getting Erika pregnant while Yandy and Mendeecees were on a temporary break. Yandy claims that Aasim was born during their split but Erika explains that Yandy’s timeline doesn’t make sense. I hate the term, “break baby,” but whatever the case may be, Mendeecees obviously didn’t want Erika because he is now with Yandy.

Erika explains that she didn’t know that Yandy was seeing Mendeecees while she was pregnant with Aasim and she reveals that Yandy allegedly said she wanted Erika’s baby stomped out of her because Mendeecees was her man. Yandy got pregnant a few months after Erika.

The bottom line, Mendeecees is in prison, he wanted all of his baby mom’s to make it work together for the children, however Samantha and Erika are not trying to make it work with Yandy due to dome underlying issues they have with her. Something deep is definitely going on with trio but all that matters should be the children.

Erika posts a video of her and Mendeecees in a relationship while she was pregnant, I’m confused as to why she posted that video because she and Mendeecees are not together, he is with Yandy. It makes Erika appear desperate and lonely, she still has feelings for Mendeecees, how dare he move on with another woman?

Kimbella who is Yandy’s girl wasted no time having her back as she commented, “[Erika] a lie! and I hate liars…she want a reason to be mad and this ain’t either, she just mad LOL.”

“Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought Erika was finished? She responded to Kimbella by sharing a throwback photo from season one of Love & Hip Hop to remind Kimbella who her real friends are: Never Forget! #GetYouARealFriendSis You don’t know me, so don’t try it. Let’s not make this bigger than what it has to be. 💅🏾😎 #YoullTakingThisTooFar #DontBeFooledByTheSmile #ImCoolButICanShakeItUp

Yandy’s girl Kimbella was dragged in the mess by Erika who posted a video of Kimbella being jumped by Chrissy Lampkin and Erica Mena. Kimbella was definitely going to ride for her girl Yandy and she clapped back at Erika telling her she’s just mad because she is the baby mama and Mendeecees didn’t choose her. She also responded to the video of her and Erica Mena fighting as well as Chrissy Lampkin and told Erika, “you know I will fight,” yes, one thing about Kimbella she will fight your a$$ if you get in the way. Yandy is her girl and their have been many occasions where Kimbella served as Yandy’s bodyguard whenever she confronts a female or if a female confronts her. I don’t think Erika wants any of Kimbella!!

As viewers and fans of the show, we liked you Erika until you allowed that bitter bunny Samantha to get in your ear and go against Yandy. Its not like this is the first time you have been aware of Yandy and who she is. You could have come out earlier with information but you didn’t, you waited until Mendeecees got locked up and you listened to Samantha.

Now, social media is dragging you to tell HELL over some old a$$ videos. Get over it, you are a pretty woman, you’re a licensed real estate agent so we know you’re not dumb, have some respect for yourself. You aren’t proving anything to the world, let it go, if you love your son, he should be who matters and involving him by taking him away from his siblings is going to hurt him in the long run.

As far as Samantha, Lil Mendeecees is old enough to know what’s going on and he will resent his mother for taking him away from Yandy, his father and his siblings. Word on the street, Lil Mendeecees doesn’t even live with her, he allegedly lives with her mother, Kim.

You all are mothers, get it together and act like it. I don’t believe that Yandy wants to be these boys mothers, I just believe she wants them all to grow up together because they are siblings. This saga is getting real old and we are getting tired of this mess!!

Yandy and MDC are Married and Mazel Tov! Wish them the Best! Point is, I can't respect a LIAR! Our challenge is not about Him! Its about her stalking me, showing up at my son's school and frauding teachers,sneaking him through airports & trying to disrespect/discredit me repeatedly and then play victim. #WhenEditingCantHelpInRealLife #DontLieOnMeBecauseYouCantEraseHistory #StopTryingToSpinTheTruth #WhenYoureMadAtTheWorldBecauseYouHadToMakeUpALife #WhenYoureUsedToBeIngTheSlideYouTryToFlipIt #YoureTheDeniedSideSlide #WhosASlideThatGetsMoreThanTheThirdBabyMama #ThingsSugarMamasSayWhenTheyBigMad #WhatAboutTheReceiptsOnTheTable #KidnappingKids #Obsessed #SmugglingKidsThroughAirports #CantPayForFlights #Stalking #CryingAndLying #StoryChangedTenTimesInTenMinutes #YouBeenLyingForYears #TooPressedTryingToProveWhatIWas #DontComeForAasimMendeeceesHarris #KeepPlayingItsAllComingOut #LOLLLLL #LHHNY #VH1 #Receipts #Slideshow #DontLookLikeASlideToMe

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