LHHNY Dumb & Dumber Back Together!! SMH!

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Love and Hip Hop New York’s Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace love drama and Tara loves to feel like she’s the victim. She was with Peter for a number of years and has three children by him and pregnant with the fourth child with his broke a$$. She has low esteem, she doesn’t think she can get another man but she can if she breaks all ties with her broke a$$ baby daddy.

Peter didn’t marry Tara, he married Amina, why would Tara even want to be with him. Once a cheater, always a cheater and leopards never change their spots. The latest chapter in the never ending story of Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly is here–and Love & Hip Hop New York fans will likely be shaking their heads being confused as I am.

It’s something that blog-watchers have been wondering about for almost a year, ever since Amina insisted on a trial separation from Peter when she moved to California with her children to get some space. Amina still loves Peter, they are still married, so why does Tara continue to sleep with a married man and continue to have babies with him?

Amina and Peter appear to be on good terms, but she’s still living it up out in LA, while Peter remains New York and their social media feeds, are full of good wishes for each other, frequent photographs of Peter hugging it up with he and Amina’s kids, remain pretty empty as far as genuine updates are concerned.

While Amina was busy putting pen to paper for her first book, The Other Woman, her memoir of the last few years, Tara also wrote a book. The Goddess Potential had the potential to be cathartic…except that it might have gone and churned up old feelings for her when Peter got a hold of it. That’s the play off, Amina didn’t want him but when she appeared on the show, she told him she wants to work it out but he asked her for a divorce and I know that hurt her heart deeply.

Peter is supposed to be trying to come clean at last, says he’s “tired” of lying, cheating, and “do[ing] the wrong thing.” He tells a shocked Tara “I want to try” to make things work between the two of them.

Amina has moved on, she needed to get away from Peter and she should be happy that he is out of her life and back with the dumbest woman of them all!!