LHHNY Cardi B Walks Away!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Cardi B is leaving the hit reality show and we are definitely going to miss the regular, schemgular girl from the Bronx. She kept it real, her personality is awesome, she was positive but she could also get hood if she needed to. Cardi wanted to change her life and all she was trying to do is make something of herself. This former stripper is makes moves so quick its hard to catch up.

Love and Hip Hop New York will never be the same without Cardi, her energy and character on the show was addictive, we wanted to see her on every episode.

However, its time for her to move on to bigger and better opportunities. Cardi is moving up with her rap career, reliable sources close to Cardi claim the reality star has a very good deal with Atlantic Records, an opportunity she couldn’t resists. With music being her love and her passion, there was no way she was going to pass this deal up and I ain’t mad at her.

“They believe in Cardi’s talent,” a reliable source reports. “She’s signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic.” The source also said that Cardi will will exit from Love & Hip-Hop and focus on her music career. Love and Hip Hop is just a stepping stone until you are able to get to the next level of your career. Who wants to be a reality star for the rest of their lives? I’m glad to see she is moving on and I know she is more than grateful to Mona for giving her this chance to make something other than stripping with her life.

“She wants to focus on music and be taken serious, it’s hard for her to do that with all the drama she’s involved in on the show.”

Cardi B has already been making waves with her music. The 24-year-old former dancer is from the Bronx, she just released a new song called “Lick” featuring her rumored boyfriend Offset. It looks like Cardi has made it official with Offset, she is done with her ex-boyfriend Tommy but where exactly does that leave Swift? He lost his girlfriend Asia because of Cardi, I’m sure he is kicking his own a$$ with that dummy move.

If the rumor is true, congratulations to Cardi B and we wish her success in her future endeavors. She is an example to other women, just because you strip, you don’t have to make it your career. She stripped but she didn’t make it her career, she used dancing as a way to elevate herself. I admire her, she did it and she still doing it. Go Cardi B, you will be missed on Love and Hip Hop New York but sometimes in life you have switch up.

Cardi, please fire your hairstylist, you are on your way to becoming a celebrity and whoever is doing those whack a$$ wigs, needs to be smacked in the a$$.