LHHNY Amina Files For Divorce!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York Amina Buddafly thing divorce from her broke a$$ husband Peter Gunz who is still f$cking ex girlfriend and baby mama Tara Wallace.

I have an issue with Amina lying to her fans and Peter, I really don’t care about Peter but they are too old to fighting over a man whose net worth is $50,000 and Amina not having her abortion when in fact she is still carrying Peter’s baby. What are these dumb hoes doing? Are they competing for Peter or they are fighting to see who he chooses. Me perdonally, I choose me and I wouldn’t wait for him to make a decision on my life. By Amina lying to him and saying she got the abortion may make Peter walk away for ever. But, he has a lot of nerve, he impregnated his baby mama while still being married to Amina.

We felt bad for Amina when she revealed she had an abortion but finding out that she didn’t go through with it, makes me sick to my stomach. Peter is legally married to Amina so his priority should be with his wife.

Amina has thought about divorce but even though I really don’t know if I even want to still be with him at the end of the day I really think that I’m going anywhere,” she said. “He’s my husband, that’s who I love.”

When it comes to the breakups and makeups of her rocky relationship, Amina said: “My whole head is spinning around and I don’t know where my relationship with Peter stands. I know that I still love him but I don’t even think about being with him. Right now I can’t even say what we are.” She added, “By not trying to hurt the ones he loves, he hurts them more.”

Amina admitted that she still refers to Peter as her “favorite person in the world.” She even challenged women who hated Peter to just hang out with him for a day. She claimed that they’d have a different view about the man who got her pregnant and his side girlfriend, Tara Wallace pregnant at the same time.

The serial cheater also has other children with other women. Below is a collage of all of Peter’s kids.

The controversial reality star defended his actions and claimed that he is not on any kind of child support. “I’m not on child support not one kid on welfare never asked anyone for help with my kids yet the out cry is so harsh… Go figure.. Can’t help trusting and believing a man you love… Blame me not Tara and Amina.. But after you blame me f*ck off,” he stated.

Amina “allegedly, wants a divorce now. But she did fool his dumb a$$ into think she aborted their child when she didn’t. That’s a low blow and its just so sad she had to go through these measures to get her husband to understand her. But because she lied about the abortion leaves Peter confused. He has been playing with these women and now the sh$t hit the fan and reversed on him, he can’t take it. Now both women are pregnant together.

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    she did get an abortion!! dummy