LHHH Sneak Peak

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek is available and it looks like a lot of drama and plenty of fights are headed there way. R&B sensation Keyshia Cole joined the hit reality show with her estranged husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

Keyshia joining Love and Hip Hop is not a good look for her, she had her own reality shows and they all did well, she doesn’t need Love and Hip Hop, she needs to get her own reality show back. Supposedly, she wants get back into the public eye and showcase her music on her upcoming album and she will go through major drama with her estranged husband over their son.

Why is Hazel E returning? Didn’t she quit and said she was never coming back? I guess she needs those coins, she’s trying to rap but isn’t everybody? She returning as a full time cast member and I’m still trying to figure out why. The sneak peek shows Hazel in a helicopter, throwing a drink at her enemy Masika and a plate at former BFF Teairra Mari. Now, I thought Hazel and Teiarra worked out their issues? I guess not, jealousy and envy is something else.

Teairra is back and it appears she finally has a new man, the man she has is not the best man to claim. She just happens to be dating Love and Hip Hop’s Cisco Rosado and they make a weird looking couple. Cisco is in Hollywood for the show and he claims love too but that is yet to be seen with his track record. Teairra has problems with alcohol and I thought she had to go to rehab when she had the incident with the uber? I could be wrong but she has been drinking liquor since she’s been on the show, makes you wonder how much she drinks when the camera’s aren’t around. Her drinking maybe too much for Cisco and he also finds himself not getting along with Teairra’s friends as they try to intervene with her alcohol abuse but will it be too much for Cisco to handle?

Lyrica and A1 are still going strong but when your husband is a producer and both are on the same show, there will be issues and these issues could destroy their marriage. A1 is doing big things and making moves with hits on the radio and an upcoming label but does he still have time to cater to his wife’s needs as a wife and an artist? Will Lyrica’s jealousy break their working relationship or their marriage?

Newbie Celebrity stylist Zell Swagg joins the hit reality show and singer Brooke Valentine finds herself in drama with Marcus Black who is supposed to be her man but she has eyes for Boobie and he has eyes for her. Looks like a love connection is brewing between the two, but we will just have to wait and see.