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LHHH Reunion Fight



More and more drama with the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood on the season 4 reunion, the sh$t allegedly hit that fan and things got violent. Nina Parker hosted the reunion which was filmed in New York, she does a great job of trying to keep the peace but they ain’t hearing her or respecting her.

According to reliable sources things went from bad to worse in 2.5 seconds, when Queen of Drama Moniece and Hazel E had words, it went left real fast, sources are saying that Hazel was thrown out the reunion for trying to swing on Moniece but word is, she only swung but didn’t exactly come close to hitting her, allegedly. Neither one of these trolls can fight, they are way too grown to be acting ratchet as HELL on tv looking real stupid. Moniece is a mother, Hazel is dating her son, that’s how I see Rose Burgandy, I’m sorry that’s my opinion and I’m sticking it to it. She’s a desperate lonely soul who needs love.

According to Hazel, the producers allegedly kicked her out for “sliding” Moniece…due to the fact that I’m older, I have know idea what sliding is but that’s okay, I’m good.

Moniece says, “SLID WHO? LIKE I SAID B$TCH. DON’T YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE. SWING ON ME WHILE MY BACK IS TURNED AND MISS!” They so petty and just full of drama, they need some good d$ck, AD must not be handling her business but I do like AD, she seems so down to earth, she tries to be drama free plus I bet she can hang like the rest of us, she’s just seems like she’s a lot of fun and level headed. What in the HELL is she doing with Moniece?

This reunion is popping, I don’t recall many fights on a Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but reliable sources are saying that Zell and Misster Ray allegedly had a bloody reunion, fight, I guess. HUH? Can you say confused? Allegedly the two had an altercation where somebody’s blood was leaking from somewhere. According to Zell, he’s funny a$$ f$ck, he was also allegedly kicked out the reunion and allegedly the EMTs were called because he “made Misster Ray leak.”

OMG!! This has to be the funniest sh$t ever, the way these two are fighting, you would think that they had a relationship back in the day and it ended horribly or they’re just acting like they not digging each other but really are, on the I don’t know, its just way too much drama this season.

Misster Ray confirmed that he and Zell did have an altercation but says he only got scratched and charges are pending against Zell. So what what and where is this blood mess and if Misster Ray only got scratched, why did he need the EMT’s?

Filming the reunion is far from over because they aren’t even done with part one. Nina Parker is probably kicking herself in the foot for hosting these hooligans, but she has the job at hosting which can go good or bad, but she definitely handles herself appropriately.

Why look for the few seconds I was at the reunion 😩😩 👊🏾 Shades @donthejunkman Top @zellswag Pants @zellswag Shoes @runwayprideofficial This whole looks will be up on my website soon with a few other of my favorite looks.. #zellswagandtheymad #zellswag #stillbookedhoe #Season1Bitch #mrloveandhiphop #EATthisKNUCKLEsandwich. (Sidenote) excuse the hair tie I’m tryin keep these baby hairs laid 😂😂😂

We will keep you posted as the season comes to an explosive end!! I Zell, I hope he returns next season but they can get rid of Hazel E for good

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LHHH Finale



The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season finale has come to an end. This was a very jumbled season, their are too many wannabee reality stars together on one fake a$$ reality show. The episodes aren’t clear, you can tell that production is stirring the pot and the only thing the fans and the viewers get to watch are the fights.

Nikki and Moniece decided to visit Teiarra while she was in rehab, she looked great but she still isn’t over the fact that her “supposed,” friends would throw her under the bus about alcohol intake daily. She can be mad all she wants, look at her now, her “supposed,” friends cared about her and they cared so much, if they lost her as a friend, that would be okay, as long as she continues her sobriety. Cisco shows up at Teiarra’s studio session looking like a tall banana, Cisco is too slick for me, he says Teiarra never returned his calls while she was in rehab, DUMMY she was in rehab. He’s acting as if he really cares but the entire time he was in Cali, he was hooking up with another woman. Teiarra came to her senses and told Cisco to kick rocks, bye sucka!!

Ray2K, yes Ray J has lost his ever loving mind, Fizz asked him to consider joining B2K, not to automatically place himself in the group and changing the name. That sh$t was funny but disrespectful at the same damn time. Last week Fizz asked Ray J to meet up with him and J Boog so that they could discuss a possible B2K reunion without two of the original members. J. Boog immediately took offence to Ray J’s posters, changing the name of the group and he actually said he was the “Omarion,” of the group. I don’t know who told Ray J that bull sh$t or why he would even think that, but he sounded crazier than a betsey bug! J Boog told Ray J, B2K was bigger than he could ever be and he called him a fake a$$ Michael Jackson. Fizz is in the middle, he really believed the two could settle their differences and work together but when you have a group of young talented men and you add a somewhat celebrity to that group who has made a few hits, everybody’s ego is in competition.

Ray J reveals to Safaree what happened when he met up with Fizz and J Boog. The voice of reason, Safaree, tells Ray to just let it go, its not worth it, too many egos in one room can be a disaster. Safaree then tells Ray that he is leaving LA, the experience of living in Cali was real, fun exciting and filled with beautiful women, but it’s time for him to get back to New York. He misses his family and he has some business ventures lined up, Ray was a little sad, losing his friend and all, but Safaree is throwing a going away party to let everyone else know.

Fizz decided to set up another meeting with J Boog and Ray J about the B2K reunion and he just wanted them to get along and work together. Fizz tried calling Omarion a few times but he never returned any of his calls and that why he went to Ray J. I’m sorry but Ray could never be Omarion. But I digress, both men realized they took the first meeting to serious and said some things that they shouldn’t have said and they both apologized to each other. See that’s how grown men supposed to settle their differences, but for right not, their won’t be a B2K reunion, at least not with Ray J.

Brooke learned last week that Booby took Brooke to Catalina and she was a little salty about him going behind her back. However, she and Booby aren’t in a relationship, he doesn’t owe her an explanation on his love life. She is back with Marcus, so why is she really mad? Brooke loves the attention Booby gives her but she loves Marcus. Booby apologized to Brooke but he needed for her to understand that he is single and she is with Marcus, they will leave it in the friend zone, which I doubt. But, Keyshia and Booby are really finalizing their divorce and both seem happy even though Keyshia wouldn’t let him hug her before leaving the attorney’s offices.

Masika, Brooke and Bridget performed at a Women Empowerment, they sounded okay but Hazel E was kicked off the event due to the altercation she had with Masika. Masika ran up on Hazel while she was rehearsing, so why did they kick off Hazel and not Masika?

At Safaree’s going away party, Nikki, Moinece, Zell, Ray J and Fizz are in attendance to say goodbye to Safaree as he relocates back to where he is from, New York. A.D. shows up wanting Moniece to give her another chance and of course they are back together, it won’t last.

Check out the clip below with Safaree singing to Nikki Baby, it was soooo cute, Safaree really is talented, he could make a career out this rap thing.

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Kimbella Is Not Happy With Yandy



Love and Hip Hop New York returns this month and I see that the cast is already starting drama before the actual shows premieres. They need to increase their ratings, by starting drama this early only means that they need to get out there and starting pushing their hit reality show.

But I digress, it appears that Kimbella seems to be having issues with her BFF Yandy Smith. The pettiness needs to end especially on social media for the world to see. Within the last few years, Kimbella and Yandy’s relationship has gone from bad to worse, although they maintain their relationship on television.

I really believe that Kimbella is jealous of Yandy, she most definitely had issues with Yandy marrying Mendeecees, ‘the fake as HELL” Here she another bridesmaid, she wants to be the bride. Her attitude was so bad during Yandy’s planning of her fake wedding. Kimbella seemed a envious of Yandy marrying her man but she wants to get married as well. That was the start of their declining friendship.

Kimbella claps back on Yandy for her fake a$$ birthday message:

“Yandy how long has it been that we have spoken? You didn’t call or text me on my birthday, but you put this post up because it makes you,” look good,” that’s f—d up knowing how loyal of friend as I was to you for years. You could have kept this post to ya self or at least text it to me again if you really meant it, but like I said it looks good for you.

Due to the fact that Yandy and Kimbella were and still maybe BFF’s doesn’t mean that she was trying to throw shade towards Kimbella but with Yandy, she can be a slick, we’re not just not used to seeing this Yandy. Kimbella made it very clear that she is not with the fake and phony from Yandy Smith. But after Yandy posted the birthday message on social media, she should have texted her friend to make sure she got her message or even made a phone call. I see where Kimbella is coming from, this social media beef is dumber than a box of rocks, either Kimbella and Yandy will remain friends or they won’t. This was too immature, just say thank you and call her later but I forgot, the new season starts next week, they need those ratings.

Kimbella’s message on her Instagram:

“No matter where life takes us or how close or far we live from each other, no matter how many break ups to make ups we have…you’ll always be close because you have a very special place in my heart. So glad 25 years ago 😉or so, on this day God created you to be here in this world for me to meet. Thank you for all the laughs, all the strength and all those moments of silence when there were no words to be said just hugs. Happy Birthday. @kimbellasworld”

Looks like it may be over with Yandy and Kimbella, sometimes you have to get rid of the dead weight. The new season starts October 30, at 8/7c on VH1!

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