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LHHH Reunion Fight



More and more drama with the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood on the season 4 reunion, the sh$t allegedly hit that fan and things got violent. Nina Parker hosted the reunion which was filmed in New York, she does a great job of trying to keep the peace but they ain’t hearing her or respecting her.

According to reliable sources things went from bad to worse in 2.5 seconds, when Queen of Drama Moniece and Hazel E had words, it went left real fast, sources are saying that Hazel was thrown out the reunion for trying to swing on Moniece but word is, she only swung but didn’t exactly come close to hitting her, allegedly. Neither one of these trolls can fight, they are way too grown to be acting ratchet as HELL on tv looking real stupid. Moniece is a mother, Hazel is dating her son, that’s how I see Rose Burgandy, I’m sorry that’s my opinion and I’m sticking it to it. She’s a desperate lonely soul who needs love.

According to Hazel, the producers allegedly kicked her out for “sliding” Moniece…due to the fact that I’m older, I have know idea what sliding is but that’s okay, I’m good.

Moniece says, “SLID WHO? LIKE I SAID B$TCH. DON’T YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE. SWING ON ME WHILE MY BACK IS TURNED AND MISS!” They so petty and just full of drama, they need some good d$ck, AD must not be handling her business but I do like AD, she seems so down to earth, she tries to be drama free plus I bet she can hang like the rest of us, she’s just seems like she’s a lot of fun and level headed. What in the HELL is she doing with Moniece?

This reunion is popping, I don’t recall many fights on a Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but reliable sources are saying that Zell and Misster Ray allegedly had a bloody reunion, fight, I guess. HUH? Can you say confused? Allegedly the two had an altercation where somebody’s blood was leaking from somewhere. According to Zell, he’s funny a$$ f$ck, he was also allegedly kicked out the reunion and allegedly the EMTs were called because he “made Misster Ray leak.”

OMG!! This has to be the funniest sh$t ever, the way these two are fighting, you would think that they had a relationship back in the day and it ended horribly or they’re just acting like they not digging each other but really are, on the I don’t know, its just way too much drama this season.

Misster Ray confirmed that he and Zell did have an altercation but says he only got scratched and charges are pending against Zell. So what what and where is this blood mess and if Misster Ray only got scratched, why did he need the EMT’s?

Filming the reunion is far from over because they aren’t even done with part one. Nina Parker is probably kicking herself in the foot for hosting these hooligans, but she has the job at hosting which can go good or bad, but she definitely handles herself appropriately.

Why look for the few seconds I was at the reunion 😩😩 👊🏾 Shades @donthejunkman Top @zellswag Pants @zellswag Shoes @runwayprideofficial This whole looks will be up on my website soon with a few other of my favorite looks.. #zellswagandtheymad #zellswag #stillbookedhoe #Season1Bitch #mrloveandhiphop #EATthisKNUCKLEsandwich. (Sidenote) excuse the hair tie I’m tryin keep these baby hairs laid 😂😂😂

We will keep you posted as the season comes to an explosive end!! I Zell, I hope he returns next season but they can get rid of Hazel E for good

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Dutchess Diss Track For Cease



Former Black Ink Crew and Ceaser’s ex-fiancee’ Dutchess is back, she can’t seem to let things go and she’s seems to be a part of the show even when she’s not a part on the show. Last season, their breakup was more than hostile, it was getting physically and mentally abusive on both parties, it was best they call it quits.

Dutchess decided to open up her own tattoo shop in her hometown, “Pretty-N-Ink,” located in North Carolina. She was engaged to Cease at the time and still opened her own tattoo shop in another state. That should have told Cease what she was about from the jump. Who opens a tattoo shop in another state when they are engaged about to get married and his shop is in New York? She had no intentions on marrying Cease, she needed his monetary help with her tattoo shop in N.C.

She has now released her own diss track on Ceaser and the sh$t is funny as f$ck. Dutchess, never give up your day job and please apply Vaseline to those dry a$$ lips.

Ceaser thought the diss track was funny, it didn’t affect him, he just opened his third tattoo shop after helping her, to open hers. Obviously Cease is good and Dutches is still miserable. In her song entitled “Mad,” Dutchess comes at Cease and all of her haters from the studio to let them know that they can never stop her and they need to focus on their own paper.

“Don’t need ya, I got a leisure/ Yeah, I’m living single, Queen like Latifah/ Baby girl you need to/ Worry about ya bag.”

She’s still feeling Cease, so much so that, she even sent a singing telegram to his Atlanta tattoo shop. That goes to show that she is not finished with Cease yet. He better watch his back, Dutchess ain’t playing with a full deck, don’t let the smooth taste full ya!

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RHOA Recap



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap! We left off on last week’s episode, the ladies are still in San Francisco trying to enjoy their girls trip. During dinner the night before, Nene and Porsha began arguing over the pettiest sh$t ever. Nene is almost 50 years old, if not older, she needs to set the example and not that hood sh$t example. If Porsha was just like a sister to her, she needs too change her own behavior before she can dish out advice.

We all know that Porsha did some things last season that she shouldn’t have done, no one wants her to give her a pass but she has to first understand what and why she did what she did to Kandi and then maybe they will see her changing, but she will have to proof that, too these group of ladies.

We were definitely surprised to hear Shereé open up about her felon prison bae, of course Nene has the tea. She supposedly knows Sheree’s man, she claims he’s a con artist, hell he is in a federal prison, he has to be a con artist. It’s just so weird that Sheree’ would be dating a man in prison, the way she carries herself, you would never guess in a million years that she would ever date a felon. How does she explain this to her kids?

The ladies decide to cheer Kenya up by surprising her with a mock wedding and they even cut out cardboard of her alleged husband as the groom. I thought she was going to take what the ladies were trying to do the wrong way, but in fact, they all pulled together and made her cheer up. She just lost her grandmother and her funeral was in the next couple of days, she really appreciated their support.

After the ladies said good bye to Kenya, they have one dinner left and of course the subject of Kenya and her husband comes up. Marlo asks Cynthia how she felt about not knowing anything about Kenya’s wedding, she wasn’t invited and she’s never met the man Kenya claims to be married to but how does she feel? Cynthia tried her best to have Kenya’s back but I guess she didn’t like the ladies discussing Kenya in front of her or asking her questions about Kenya. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cynthia get so emotional over anyone, not even Nene but she was very emotional about Kenya as she walked away from the table.

Everyone was surprised by her behavior, Nene walked out after Cynthia and explains to her that they were just having a discussion about Kenya, no one was talking about her behind her back. Actually the question was thrown out to Cynthia, if you and Kenya are such good friends, why hasn’t she met your husband and why wasn’t she invited or even told about the wedding?

That is not a real friend, Kenya is a friend of convenience.

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