LHHH Newbie Chanel West Coast

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The new season on Love and Hip Hollywood airs on July 24, 2017 on VH1. Chanel West Coast has joined the hit reality show for the upcoming season. So, I’m not crazy about the West Coast name but hey, if she loves it, I like it.

Chanel is supposed to be a rapper, singer, songwriter, clown, actress, model and television personality, its funny that I have never heard of her but she has all these accolades, where has she been or maybe my age is catching up to me.

Chanel actually worked for Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Ridiculousness as a receptionist and a secretary, which is the same damn job, some of the fans and viewers may recognize her from “Ridiculousness”, or from her weird a$$ laugh.

Word on the street, Chanel was called out by, no other than Charlamagne Tha God, he called her “a wack rapper”, a lot of people actually agreed with him and that’s funny because a lot of people don’t like him, i.e. me. One thing about Charlamagne whether we like him or not, he does not hold his tongue and he will say whatever is on his mind, good or bad. So, why did she join Love and Hip Hop? I’m pretty sure she wants everyone to know who she is as she tries to make a mark on this world and work on her music career.

Chanel actually grew up with her mother in California and her father resided in New York. She’s dated a few recognizable men in her life, however, right now, she’s as single as bee, maybe she’ll find love on Love and Hip Hop.

The new season has a new faces, new relationships, new drama’s and new beef’s, it looks like it may be an interesting season. How will Chanel interact with the other women on the show and then we have Keyshia Cole, who is her own boss, how and who will she interact with on the show? Very interesting, we’ll just have to wait and see.