LHHH–Moniece VS Alexis Sky

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood hasn’t aired yet but that doesn’t prevent these reality stars from trying to finds ways to begin a buzz before the new season. We are all familiar with crazy a$$ Moneice Slaughter but there are a few newbies added to the show, one being Alexis Skyy who is one of Fetty Wap’s baby mother.

Alexis Skyy was added to the cast for Season 4 to advance her music career, but don’t they all have a music career? No one ever puts out any new music when they join the show but that’s supposed to be their reason for joining the show, I call bull sh$t on that, they all need a check like everybody else and since Alexia and Fetty are on good terms, why didn’t he help her with her music career?

But I digress, word on the street, last night Moniece and Alexis were fighting in the middle of the street in downtown Los Angeles. What the beef was about is anyone’s game especially when it comes to drama queen of the west, Moniece. She loves drama and craves attention, Alexis apparently started thia physical altercation with a video, which she shared hours before the fight, she is already feuding with Masika who has a daughter with Fetty Wap after her response to the Xanax allegations involving Masika’s daughter Khari Barbi.

Alexis shared her location on Instagram, Moniece, who had saw the video decided to intervene in some sh$t that has nothing to do with her but that’s Moniece, she began calling Alexis out of her name which added more fuel to the fire.

Allegedly, Moniece pulled her out of the car and hit her a few times with her fist and snatched her own wig off before Alexis’ guy friend started beating on Moniece. Whoever this whack a$$ guy friend is, should have separated the two by breaking up the fight, instead he wants to hit on a woman. I don’t care for Moniece but in this case, a man should not be hitting a woman, he should have broken up the fight.

Moniece couldn’t get the cameras in time to film this altercation, she claimed that she came outside, the situation happened too quickly, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a cell phone video pop up mysteriously and somehow make it on the show.

Moniece is still on Twitter thugging Alexis Skyy even after the fight has ended, she doesn’t learn, her behavior is terrible.