LHHH Moneice Dating AD Diggs

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Moniece Slaughter has a new man every damn season but it looks her new man is actually not a man but a woman. Moniece is confused, she doesn’t love or respect herself, if she did, she wouldn’t need to be with someone every second of the day. She has a son and instead of being in his life the way a mother should, she’s hopping from one man to the next and now its a woman. She’s trifling as a mother and she needs to quit playing the blame game.

With these reality shows, they aren’t reality, they are bad drama series. It seems like everyone is lying just to get on reality tv and to a check. Now, I don’t know if Moniece and her new boo, AD Diggs, that’s her name, go figure, but I digress, I don’t know if they are really in a relationship or if they are playing the game to remain relevant and to get paid. The show will reveal the truth, if they aren’t real, it’ll come out just like it always does.

Newbie to the show is AD Diggs, she grew up in Brooklyn and I bet she has that New York accent and I bet she is tough as nails just by looking at her. She isn’t the most attractive woman in the world but neither is Moniece, maybe this relationship will work. I doubt it though, Moneice can’t keep a man or a woman, she has some deep rooted issues and they all begin with her mother.

AD was raised in a huge blended family from Italian to Puerto Rican, I wish I was a fly on the wall in AD’s home to hear her family discussing Moneice and AD on reality tv. It would be so funny to see if they are racists and if they approve of their daughters lifestyle with a black woman on reality tv. AD has no idea what she has gotten herself into with Moniece, she’s a drama queen, she’s messy, petty, jealous and loves to fight. AD better be ready, she’s claims she doesn’t like reality tv and never wanted to be on the show but here she is, on the show. She’s says she’s not here for the drama but that’s Love and Hip Hop is and I’m sure she has watched the show before and she’s aware of what goes down especially when it comes to Moniece.

“My least favorite thing filming a reality show is the drama, I honestly like to stay clear of it,” she continues, “I don’t really like the petty stuff, too, I’m going to be honest, that’s the worst part of this.”

“It’s funny that I say I don’t like petty but I’m in a whole relationship with my girlfriend Moniece, one of the pettiest women on Love & Hip Hop.”

AD wants the show to be a positive experience for her but she signed up for the wrong show for that. Of course, she likes women, she’s with Monieice, a psychotic freak but her sexuality is who she is and she isn’t ashamed to admit she loves women. HELL, you can look at her know she’s gay and she’s the dominate one and Moniece is the precious woman but she’s crazier than a betsy bug.

“Who you love shouldn’t really dictate the type of person that you show up as,” she continues, “I thought about all the positivities [to doing Love & Hip Hop] that this could carry, with me being a lesbian and how I could present myself to the world. I have a responsibility of being a role model on this show.”

Anticipating the return of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood which airs next Monday at 9pm on VH1!!!