LHHH Max Lux Has Baby W/Side Chick!!

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Max Lux who is married to Brandi Boyd, the two have a child together. During the reunion show that aired this past year, Moniece revealed that Max Lux was cheating on his wife and the side chick was pregnant by him. Now this information came from Moniece who is not a reliable source but apparently she knew what she was talking about.

Max Lux was allegedly cheating on his wife with a woman who had given birth to their daughter. Max refused to take a DNA test and claims that the woman had sex with him and another guy within 10 days of each other. If he hadn’t stuck his d$ck in her vagina without a condom, he wouldn’t be in this position and she could never have said he was the father. He can shut up with that bull sh$t, so what if she had sex with 15 different men, he f$cked her raw and now he wants to deny her pregnancy.

As far as we know Brandi is completely aware of the entire situation, as the woman direct messaged her requesting that Max take the test to prove that he is the father. I’m surprised that Brandi didn’t kill Max and I’m more surprised that she hasn’t stalked this chick to do bodily harm. I guess Brandi was waiting on the results of the DNA test, maybe she’ll go loco once she finds out.

Well those rumors are now CONFIRMED. According to the young lady, she got a DNA test is waiting back for the paperwork proving Max is her baby’s father. Damn Max, I don’t condone cheating but that Brandi will make you go out and sleep with a dog. She gets on my nerves and I don’t even know her personally but that still doesn’t mean its okay for her husband to f$ck a woman and then to f$ck her with no condom and get her pregnant. He showed no respect for his wife and his child, he had sex with a woman and didn’t use a condom. I’m pretty sure he had sex with his wife after f$cking that girl, his wife could be in jeopardy, what if this girl had a disease? Its not about always getting pregnant, you can catch a disease.

Max has since went to his official Instagram account and addressed the situation, calling it an attempt at free TV time. The girl isn’t on television but she probably will be next season. From what I learned, this saga will air on the next season and I can tell you now that this will be an explosive season with Brandi and now this chick who has a baby by her husband. Damn!! I feel bad for Brandi, I really do, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.