LHHH Masika VS Alexis

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Masika responds to the viewers and the fans as to why she seemed to be running away from Instagram model newbie Alexis Skyy who has a child with rapper Fetty Wap.

Since both Masika and Alexis have the same father for their children, why is Masika running and allegedly she doesn’t want to film with her? Well, she now wants to pick her face up off the floor to explain.

Alexis has always been clear as to why she is in LA and is to confront Masika over Fetty, that’s being real petty, the children are here and why is confronting Masika? Did she confront Fetty? That’s the problem with these women, they always want to confront the women but never the man.

So these ladies decided to go at it on social media versus on camera, that’s dumb as f$ck, it was Alexis, it was Masika, she talks a good game but she is never backing her sh$t up. Masika appeared for Hazel E’s event but she didn’t show up for Moniece because she knew Alexis was going to show up, common sense she was just too afraid to run into her.

Instagram postings, “the receipts never lie sissss @masikakalysha #LHHH”

“Bitch gtfoh wicho lyin fake fraud ass after liking all my pics & smiling in my face u teamed up against me wit a STRANGER 2 MONTHS B4 this Back to Alexis. The episode ended with her arguing with Masika’s friend Zell over her whereabouts. Alexis made it extra clear she NEEDED to talk to Masika, because she had a baby with her boyfriend. Alexis was extra hostile, with Nikki Baby gassing the whole thing. Drinks were thrown. End scene. Now Masika is clarifying why, for all the people who say she’s “scared” to face Alexis over their “overlapping” Fetty affair.”

How does “telling her side” to Fetty Wap’s ex, ex, ex, chick makes things better? Masika said she was “trying to hold on to some type of integrity” in this situation, and it got her demoted.

Demoted isn’t the word, Scared is the word, that b$tch was scared, Alexis had some questions for Masika and she ran like a baby. She talks about integrity like she has some and like she knows the meaning, she’s just another THOT!!