LHHH Masika & Tory Lanez!

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Word on the street, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha and rapper, singer, producer Tory Lanez are now allegedly dating. They revealed their close relationship this past weekend at Coachella. It seem like Coachella is the place to be where you will find couples together you would never imagine.

Masika was in a brief relationship with rapper Fetty Wap and the two have a beautiful daughter together. When Masika joined Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I thought she was the prettiest young lady ever and she seemed classy and not a hoe, but I was sadly mistaken. She has been with several entertainers and she has been in several music videos, that doesn’t make her a hoe, but when you have slept with multiple entertainers, you’re hoe. She thinks Fetty Wap should drop everything for her and their daughter, he was never seriously dating her, he never wanted their baby, he has other children and money to make, he has children to take care of. What makes her better than his other children’s mothers?

Now she is dating another entertainer, Tory Lanez, he better strap up, I never thought she would ever get pregnant without being in a full term relationship with a man but again, I was mistaken.

Tory is actually from Canada and he’s a singer, rapper, record producer and songwriter. Tory’s government name is Daystar Peterson, where that name came from is beyond me, I guess that’s why he calls himself Tory Lanez. He lost his mother to a rare disease which affected him deeply as it would anyone who loses a parent. After losing his mother, his father became a minister which caused them to move throughout the U.S.

At age 14, he was sent to live with his older brother in Queens, New York, he was teen with behavior issues and his father hoped that his older brother could handle him. Obviously that didn’t work, Tory returned to Toronto to live with his grandmother and he didn’t want to be there. His grandmother wouldn’t take care of him, so why was he sent to her? That doesn’t make any sense, as a result, he was on his own at 15. Tory had a pretty rough childhood after his mother passed away but like most teens they don’t want to listen and they want to do what they want to do without consequences.

The teen ended up moving downtown with three guys he really didn’t know, from age 15 to 18 years old, it was a fight everyday, so why did he stay in that situation? Probably because he had nowhere else to go and he had to deal with the position he put himself in. That’s what happens when you want to be grown, you have to go through things you normally wouldn’t have to if you stayed at home and just obeyed the rules. He claims the situation he was in made him the man he is today, having to fend for himself definitely made him grow up quicker than he should have.

Now, he is in a better position and allegedly dating one of the prettiest reality stars to date but she has been out there. Who knows if this relationship is real or if it will even last. Masika seems to be high maintenance, I hope Tory is prepared for her. She definitely comes with a lot of baggage. We will get to see her again on the next season of Love and Hip Hollywood along with Fetty Waps’ other baby mama, Alexa SKy who has just been added to the hit reality show.

Will Tory appear on the show? We will just have to wait and see!!