LHHH Masika & Rapper Fetty Celebrate Khari’s Bday

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Masika Kalysha and rapper Fetty Wap who is also her beautiful daughter’s father seem to be real real close as they celebrate their daughter’s first birthday together. Masika does seem like she’s a happy mother, sometimes motherhood can change you for the better but it also doesn’t hurt when your child’s father is a superstar with money.

Masika and Alexis Skyy who is Fetty’s other baby mama has joined Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but Masika doesn’t want to share her time filming with Alexis. Why, I don’t know, Masika is a reality star, not an Oscar winning actress, she doesn’t run Love and Hip Hop, I believe Mona Scott Young does. A little bit of fame will make you believe you are somebody. You are somebody, to yourself and nobody else, get real.

On Monday’s premiere episode of the hit reality show, Masika confirmed that she missed Hazel E’s performance because she was spending family time with Fetty Wap. But, she was at Hazel E’s event with Zell, she didn’t appear for Moniece the following day. That day Nikki showed up with Alexis Sky and Zell, Masika sent Moniece a text stating she was in the studio working on music. How they always working on music but we never hear anything else about it, EVER?

Masika being shady, posted this on her Instagram, @masikakalysha was in NJ with Fetty and their baby. 🐸☕️ #LHHHollywood
8:56 PM – 24 Jul 2017

Then of course, Fetty posted an Instagram video of himself singing a song that is rumored to be dedicated to his precious baby girl. Awe isn’t that sweet, Fetty is falling in love with his beautiful baby. That’s why people believe they are creeping back on the low, they look so happy together. Maybe that’s why Alexis wants to tap that a$$!!