LHHH–Masika-Floyd Mayweather–Nikki!!

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha and Nikki Mudarris may be after the same man even though this man is with Bad Medina and rumors have often spread last year with him allegedly creeping with Tiny, T.I.’s soon to be ex wife. Yes, we are speaking about boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather.

After receiving a thirsty visit from Nikki during Floyd’s Instagram Live video last month, Masika popped in on the boxing legend’s Live session as well. Nikki doesn’t know if she is into women or men, last we heard she was with Rosa Acosta and Safaree. As far as Masika goes, she is just another THOT trying to get on.

When Masika popped on, she said, “Hey Floyd,” followed by a tongue wagging, silly-face emoji. So, that’s really all she said or is she is in his DM’s trying to get her feet wet on another heavy hitter? She did have a beautiful daughter by rapper Fetty Wap who has made it clear he does not want a relationship with Masika, only with his daughter.

When Masika slid into the live feed, the look on Floyd’s face was priceless. I’m pretty sure his girlfriend wasn’t too happy about this and Tiny either. This follows Nikki’s desperate blow up a$$ posting three tongue emojis during Floyd’s Live session a couple of weeks ago.

Floyd and Nikki were spotted together at the same Philadelphia nightclub last November. I’m pretty sure something nasty transpired between the two, that’s just how the blow up doll rolls.

Although Masika and Nikki worked past their differences last year, will this situation put tension back in the air between the two? Only if they are really trying to take Floyd away from his girl and I can’t really see that happening. I think they would also have to deal with Tiny. Now, that’s some funny sh$t if Tiny is really in the picture.

Masika claims that Floyd is nothing more than her “homie” who “gives great relationship advice” during an appearance on The Breakfast Club last summer.

Well we know how friends can turn to lovers in a mini second but Bad Medina, she ain’t having it. I wonder if she has issues with Tiny? Inquiring minds want to know!!