LHHH Lyrica Is Shading

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Lyrica shades Moniece and Brooke Valentine, I haven’t heard of Brooke Valentine until this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and Moniece released a single maybe two seasons ago and it was pretty good but when she tried to come for Lyrica by saying she was a decent writer, Lyrica wasn’t haven’t it.

Lyrica is definitely coming out of her shell this season and there will be no more chicks trying to get under her skin. She ran down her resume for Moniece whack a$$ but she really didn’t need too, Moniece should google her but she did tell her that she would write her a hit song and that is exactly what Moniece needs and to stay out of other peoples business.

I so love this new Lyrica, she usually stays away from the drama but like she said, Moniece has a smart a$$ mouth and she waited for Lyrica to almost walk out the door before she tried to clap back.

Check out the video below, its the bonus check yourself video!!