LHHH Joseline’s Mysterious Family!!

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Love and Hip hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez who is also known as the “Puerto Rican Princess,” appeared in our lives and on our television screens in 2012 by legendary music producer and songwriter Stevie J.

She was discovered by the Grammy Award-winning producer while dancing as a stripper at the Onyx Club in Atlanta. He was already in a long term relationship with Mimi Faust and the two share a daughter but once he and Joseline became closer and closer, he had a desire for her. He was instrumental in getting her on the show as a full time cast member with the best story line ever. He would have his stripper side chick and his straight respectable girlfriend hidden somewhere while they all get paid. However, easier said than done, all hell broke lose every season thereafter and the ratings skyrocketed on Stevie, Joseline and Mimi. Everyone wanted to know about this Joseline chick who was a stripper dating the music producer who had a girlfriend who seemed highly intelligent but we were later disappointed in all three of them but, it didn’t prevent us from continuing to watch our favorite ratchet tv.

When Joseline first appeared on the hit reality show, she always stated that she was on her own at age 13, she’s from Miami and she lived and worked those streets because she had no choice. On the last episode, she was close to delivering Bonnie Bella, all of a sudden an entire family mysteriously appears including her mother. Joseline and Stevie are known for pulling publicity stunts and I’m not sure if this was one but since the show has been on we have never seen any of her family.

She may have mentioned her brothers and sisters before, but I only recall her mentioning her fine a$$ brother Kermit, I never saw him until last week but I just don’t recall five or 6 additional siblings.

What we do know from Joseline, she had a rough childhood living in the projects of Puerto Rico and her biological father died from a drug overdose when just a toddler. She moved to Florida at 10 years old with her mother Carmen, stepfather Luis, her older sister Yanira, and her four brothers, Jorge, Hisael, Kermit and Luis Jr.

Joseline oldest sister is Yanira, her niece Abneris, daughter of Yanira, was pregnant at the same time as Joseline who also appeared on Monday’s episode with her mother Carmen. Kermit is Joseline’s brother, he seems to be very close with his niece Abby, they graduated from the same high school together. Joseline’s brother Jorge is the oldest and seems to keep a low profile, he isn’t the only one who keeps a low profile, from the looks of things, they all do. Her brother Hisael is a year younger than she is, they claim to be real close but I can’t tell, she has never mentioned him where I have heard her say his name and last but not least, Joseline’s younger brother, Luis Jr.

All of this family she has and you would never know especially the way she acts on Love and Hip Hop. You would think she had no family, for me, these reality shows aren’t reality. They should change the name to Scripted Reality Shows because the sh$t that goes down on this show and just about every supposed reality show, does not exist and its real frustrating to learn after we watch an entire season, it was bull sh$t and the producers told them to do this or that.

But I digress, Monday’s episode showed us that even though Joseline was 9 months pregnant and about to give birth, she can still get her freak on with Nikki Mudarris, the plastic wannabe barbie doll, in case ya’ll didn’t know but that aired on Monday’s episode. Now, whether or they really got they freak on, we don’t know, the show gets picked apart, edited where they want it to be edited and added where it needs to be added, all I know, it was disgusting to watch and if anyone like it, they just freaks. Joseline has always stated she likes women and men, she is what I call a tri-sexual, she will try anything.

During the filming of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s fifth season reunion, Joseline revealed to producers back stage that she was pregnant with Stevie’s sixth child. She gave birth to a daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan, on December 28, 2016 and she had the support of her mysterious family.