LHHATL Reunion Spoiler

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoiler!! This season was mainly focused on the break down between Kirk and Rasheeda Frost. As fans and or viewers of the hit reality show, we love this couple, we love their chemistry and to us, they are Atlanta’s hip hop couple. To watch Rasheeda go through what she went through with her marriage on reality tv was not only bold but she is the strongest woman I know.

Not too many women could deal with the rumors of a side chick, a possible baby, this woman living in the same apartment building, husband paying this woman’s bills and them having children who are old enough to watch this show and have to deal with the aftermath. No matter what, Kirk is the man, the husband and the father, he was supposed to protect his own and not a side chick who could care less about him or his family.

It really breaks your heart as we watch Rasheeda break down in tears during a sneak peek of the reunion when talking about the down fall of her marriage with Kirk. Her tears are real, her pain is real, we feel her hurt and yes there has been rumors that this story is made up, after this sneak peek, if they are lying about this alleged affair, they both need to be acting on somebody’s screen because her tears were real.

I guess we have to wait for the reunion show to get the results of the DNA, but I’d rather wait and hear the results than read about them on a blog. Kirk is tricky, too tricky for me and if you have never been married, you can’t say what you will or won’t do.

The reunion is scheduled for another two weeks, next week is the season finale and when I say this has been the longest season, it really has!!