LHHATL Kirk & Logan??

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, this season the main topic has been Kirk’s alleged affair with stripper Jasmine Washington who is now claiming her son Kannon is his. Kirk’s scary a$$ would not take a DNA test until this other man Logan, who Jasmine was supposed to be with, came out the woodwork saying he could be the child’s father.

When Rasheeda reveals to Kirk that a man named Logan is also claiming he is the father of baby Kannon, Kirk gets some balls and now he wants to take a DNA test. His a$$ should have taken a DNA test when she told him in the beginning. He makes his wife and his family go through HELL because he didn’t feel like it was necessary to take a DNA test but since this Logan character shows up, now he wants a test. GTFOH!!

All of a sudden, he will pay 20K for his own lawyer and the DNA test because he does not trust Jasmine or anything she says, he really has a lot of freaking nerve.

But now, it’s the Fourth of July weekend and somewhere, somehow, allegedly Kirk was supposedly with Logan, yes Logan, ya’ll heard me, the man claiming to be the father of Jasmine’s baby turning up in the club. And that is why people are skeptical when it comes to this story line, why is Kirk with Logan if he doesn’t know him? That’s why I say Kirk is tricky but all men tricky as f$ck!

In a post from Logan, he’s lit as he captioned, “Eye to Eye…. got @frost117 in the hood 👌🏾#lhhatl #lhhatlanta”

Jasmine then re-posted the video and captioned, “When your baby daddy & his paid pawn make a great team 👬 #clowns”

So then Logan responded to Jasmine’s re-post, saying that he’s not a reality star and he linked up with Kirk for positive vibes only. Don’t nobody believe that bull sh$t, either him and Kirk are working together or he is working with Jasmine, something about this ain’t right but the truth will reveal itself like it always does.

“Stupid @jasminebleu mad because s–t ain’t playing out how you want it huh? 🤷🏾‍♂️ go drink bleach #lhhatl #lhhatlanta pass around”

This is the craziest sh$t ever, no wonder Rasheeda doesn’t know if she’s coming or going, this right here is too much and this is why people are having a hard time believing this story line.