LHHATL Joseline Goes Way Too Far

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline really feels as though she has done nothing wrong to Stevie’s two oldest daughters, Savanna and Sade. Last week, Stevie attempted to set up a meeting with his daughters and Joseline, the mother of his youngest daughter, Bonnie Bella to work out their issues. Stevie claims that Joseline proposed marriage for the second time and he told her that she would need to apologize to his daughters but he never had any intentions on marrying Joseline, if he had, he would have married her a long time ago.

Once Joseline pranced into the room as she called the girls, “thotties,” she gave a whack a$$ apology that for her bad behavior, but then she starts wiping her eyes, her voice begins to crack, I thought the b$tch was choking but I guess she was crying. Savanna saw right through Joseline’s fake a$$ crocodile tears and began getting upset by the second. Joseline blamed her out burst on social media on Steebie, saying he put her through so much and wanted her to have an abortion. So, I’m not quite sure why she said that Steebie was a child molester and drug addict to the world where CPS investigated him and all of his children due to Joseline’s actions.

Joseline is a mother now, how would she like it if someone said anything nasty or negative to Bonnie Bella? At the end of the day, she has a child with Stevie and Bonnie Bella has siblings. She was wrong as two left shoes, she loves playing the blame game, it’s not about blame anymore, its about owning your sh$t and being responsible.

Savanna didn’t care about her whack a$$ tears, like she said, “we should be the one’s crying,” and she was right. Joseline could have really damaged Stevie’s reputation, his career, livelihood and a relationship with all of his children because of her immaturity! Sade sat quietly with a smirk on her face as Savanna became more and angry, she can’t believe that Joseline isn’t owing her sh$t. Joseline threatened Savannah in front of Stevie but miraculously, she had no more tears, maybe she should be an actress, because she can turn it on and off. She had no business going back and fourth with Stevie’s daughter, period, point blank.

So, Joseline wasn’t going to just let that situation ride or calm down, she went way too DAMN far with a post she posted today, Savanna is 17 years old and wet behind the ears, she will ride for her father no matter what! Joseline is attempting to take Steebie away from all of his children for the soul purpose of it just being her and Bonnie Bella and that is selfish as F$CK!!


Okay, so this is how Joseline has changed? By posting a message to her daughter’s sister about sucking cock and calling her a nappy head? Oh they lucky it wasn’t me she said that too, I swear on everything I love, I would be in jail. These networks should not give Joseline a platform for anything, reality shows, interviews, music or sucking d$ck, just saying!!