LHHATL Jasmine Has A Diss Track “Wifey Bleus”

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta alleged side chick and stripper Jasmine Washington who claims to have a son with Kirk Frost who is married to Rasheeda Frost just dropped a diss track
called, “Wifey Bleus,” which was released under the alleged scammer and current boyfriend, Rod Bullock Music a few days ago.

Now, if Jasmine’s son really is Kirk’s son, dissing his wife on a track and then releasing it to the public is definitely the wrong move, Rasheeda had nothing to do with her husband allegedly getting someone else pregnant, so why isn’t her song about him? Because she’s trying to get at Rasheeda, but that’s the wrong one. She ain’t bad because she released a diss track, she dumb as f$ck and anyone who is on this h$e side can not be trusted.

Kirk, as Rasheeda’s husband and father to her two sons, needs to man the f$ck up and put an end to this nonsense. Rasheeda and her children don’t deserve this but Kirk does.

“You at home cold like DiGiorno/I pull up hot and ready like I’m Dominos, You wanna keep him? Come and get your man, please,” oh and she think she can sing as well but we all know that studio’s have voice boxes that will make you think you’re Mariah Carey, so I’ll wait for a live performance just like I’ll wait for the DNA results on the reunion show to be revealed.

Side chicks need to play they role, you were a side chick in the beginning, you still a side chick and he still married to the wife with the benefits while you double down and get trinkets, play your role!!

Rasheeda has never confronted Jasmine or even come for her, her husband betrayed her, not Jasmine but now you want to come out the side of your neck with a diss track, I don’t think Rasheeda is going to keep quiet, she keep classy but not quiet. This is why Kirk needs to man up and handle his business like a man!