LHHA–Tommie, KK, Sas & Scrapp Fired!!

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And the saga continues with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the fans are up in arms about rumors swirling, Mona Scott Young allegedly fired the four criminals she hired in the first place.

Tommie, KK, Sas and Scrapp are banned from the reunion special but Scrapp couldn’t attend anyway because he began serving a five year prison sentence this past March 2016. But why were the others fired?

So far, we haven’t heard concrete evidence as to why the crew was terminated and banned from the reunion. However, Tommie took to her IG page to defend show creator Mona Scott Young and thank her for the opportunity to be on the show. Tommie asked the fans not to take out Mona, she is the woman who gave her an opportunity, an opportunity for what? She only filmed one season and she wasn’t true to the game with her violent outbursts.

With KK fighting Tiarra, Tiarra fighting Tommie, Tommie fighting Karlie, Tiarra and now Joseline, who can be surprised this crew was let go?? The only person not allegedly fired is Tiarra, Scrapp’s baby mother and KK’s enemy. Tiarra needs to watch her back and hire 24 hour security because KK and Tommie gonna tag team that girl, she wasn’t fired, her checks will continue and I can see them plotting and planning something to get back at Tiarra. KK and Tommie dogged that girl to know end but she came out on top despite her past, we all have one and her past and their negative words did not prevent her from moving forward.

Word on the street, allegedly led to producers not inviting them to the reunion due to Tommie’s criminal history, her fake story line with Scrapp and Karen King husband’s story about his near death experience by the hands of Scrapp and Sas. But the producers already knew about them and their criminal history, this cannot be the reason, its more to the story and we may find out during the reunion but since none of them are invited, how will we know the real reason?

Tommie being fired, she gets the hand clap, she tried to jump on men, women and producers, learning that her relationship with Scrapp was fake for the show, verifies how producers run these shows and these are no longer reality shows. Did Tommie and Scrapp need a story line that bad, they would do anything for a dollar?

They could’ve all been themselves and a real story line would have developed on its own. Earlier this year KK was arrested for fraud and identity theft, that could also be a reason as to why she was fired but again, the producers were aware of her criminal history.

Tommie seems to also be angry with Joseline, word on the street, the two hooked up in California when The Puerto Rican Princess was residing. Joseline has neither confirmed or denied these rumors, but we all know, when rumors swirl about her, she has a way of digging up rumors on her co-stars.

Joseline is now saying she has news about Stevie that will be revealed during the reunion show, she has also claimed Stevie loves watching little boy porn movies and she has the proof. HELL, I thought the news was about the two babies Stevie allegedly had, this is why she coming so hard for him. She even took a lie detector but we have no idea what the lie detector was about, Stevie should have been the one taking a lie detector,not her.

With all of these rumors swirling, we are looking forward to the reunion show.