LHHA Stevie Tells Eva She Has A Sister

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J has to break the news to his daughter Eva whose mother is Mimi that she has a new baby sister Bonnie Bella with Joseline. I still wonder where Joseline came up with name Bonnie Bella, Bella would have been much better but hey, if she likes it, I love it.

This has to be a touching conversation that Stevie will have with Eva seeing as though he’s having this father and daughter discussion in front of lights and camera. Eva is wise beyond her years, she kind of knew she would be a big sister but her mom Mimi filed a restraining order on Joseline which may make it a bit difficult for Eva to even meet her new baby sister. Mimi doesn’t want Joseline anywhere near her daughter, Joseline accused Stevie of sexually molesting his children on social media where CPS got involved and investigated Stevie and Mimi due to her allegations. Of course CPS found those allegations weren’t true and the case was closed. Joseline could accuse Eva of sexually molesting Bonnie Bella, so I can’t blame Mimi for filing this restraining order.

Its not clear whether Eva will even meet her new sister due to the restraining order but hopefully they can all work it out so these innocent babies aren’t affected by their pettiness.

On the next episode of the hit reality show, Stevie sits down with his daughter Eva to break the news that she is no longer the baby in the family, she was the baby that her siblings fell in love with, now there is Bonnie Bella who is sure to melt everyone’s heart. Eva seems like she may be a little confused, not sure she really understands what Stevie is telling her about baby Bonnie Bella while Mimi, watches the way Stevie explains the new baby and its making Mimi very nervous. Mimi wasn’t ready for Stevie to have this conversation with Eva but she really had no choice.

Eva is still a baby but she seems more concerned that she will remain her father’s princess but how will she really remain his princess when he has Bonnie Bella? I’m sure she will continue to be Stevie’s princess as well but Eva seems satisfied with her father, as long as Bonnie Bella doesn’t take over her father’s affection. Stevie asks Eva what kind of life advice would she give the newest addition to their family, Eva says teaching Bonnie “how to get that bread.”

Eva is definitely her father’s child, I know she will be just fine with her baby sister if she gets the chance to meet her and hang out with her. Its the adults involved that seem to have the issues. Eva will be just fine, she is now a big sister and not the baby anymore.