LHHA–Stevie J & Joseline Back Together!!

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So we know the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premieres March 6, 2017!! It’s ironic that Stevie J and Joseline are allegedly back together after Faith Evans breaks things off with Stevie. However, with the new season returning next week, Joseline and Stevie are acting as though they are really back together and I have a hard time believing that.

They are the King and Queen of publicity stunts, they lie for ratings when its close for the season to return, they are all of sudden back together. The way they dogged each other the entire time Joseline pregnant demonstrates to me that this is fake love. They are doing this for the cameras, Stevie has been in and out of court due to Joseline, he denied that was his baby, he filed paperwork to get custody of their daughter and he wouldn’t take a paternity test. He had to take one, he prolonged it for as long as he could but when that test came back that he was the father, he could no longer deny their baby.

So, now we’re supposed to believe these two are really back together after all the dirt they threw at each other all year? Joseline even accused Stevie of touching his children inappropriately, I don’t see how he could be with her even if its for the cameras after those false allegations where CPS really investigated him. That’s something you don’t do, when you accuse a man or a woman of sexually abusing his or her children and they have been found innocent, makes it hard for the real children who have been sexually abused by a parent.

Joseline and Stevie J are allegedly mending their rocky relationship, they are thinking about having more children weeks after welcoming daughter Bonnie!

Stevie Jand Joseline have come a long way but they peacefully welcome daughter Bonnie Bella. After all that, it seems like they’re working things out again and are even considering having another child. Stevie already has a boat load of children, he has issues with child support, he needs to stop where he is.

“Stevie loves being a dad and wants more kids,” a reliable source close to the couple claims.” I could definitely see him getting Joseline pregnant again. The connection is still strong between them.”

Just when all hope seemed lost, Joseline came out of nowhere with some PDA on Feb. 21. Yes, she would, the show is due to air next month, the higher the ratings, the more money she and Stevie will get. The reality star posted an adorable photo of herself kissing Stevie on the cheek, weeks after she reportedly started dating someone new…a mystery woman!

“Joseline has slept with lots of women and she enjoys women,” a reliable source reports. “But she’ll never give up men, she’s been saying that because she know it will irritate Stevie.”

It appears Stevie fell right into her trap after all, since he posted a throwback photo with exes Joseline and Mimi Faust just a few weeks later. While Mimi begged him to take it down, Joseline seemed totally fine with it, suggesting she still has a soft spot for the guy. “I know she’s still in love with him and she does want more babies,” the insider continues. “Why not have them with Stevie? It’s not something they’re trying for, no way, but it could happen. All it takes is that one time.”

I don’t trust the fake love, we’ll see once the new season is over.