LHHA: Sierra Wants Revenge!!

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LHHA newbies are making a name for themselves on this season of the hit reality show. Sierra Gates who owns “The Glam Shop,” is definitely looking for revenge towards a ratchet skank who was creeping with her husband Shooter on the low low.

Moriah who is just 23 years old, she still has baby’s breath but she still wants to play games with the adults and this time, her game playing has gone too far. She seems to be starved for attention, but she worked for Sierra as her assistant at the Glam Shop for a couple of years, that’s how she and Scooter crossed paths. Sierra was devastated once she learned that her husband was creeping with the help and now she wants revenge and some type of payback. But all Sierra has to do, is nothing, sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

Sierra and Moriah had it out in the parking lot where Shooter was standing by, tongue tied, didn’t know what to say. He watched his wife go at it with a wannabe nasty looking side chick h$e that he admitted creeping with but never stepped to her side to reassure her that he had her back. Men like him, cause these situations, it turns them on, two women fighting over him. Yea, he the man, (SIKE,) and then he woke up.

Sierra feels betrayed, Moriah was her friend and apparently her husband’s side chick, they kept it all in the family. Moriah is why you can’t trust everybody with your business and why you can’t tell people your business. Sierra felt as though Moriah was like a little sister, she taught her everything there was to know about the hair business and being able to run a business. She never in a million years thought that her husband and friend would cut her so deep, where both would betray her, but they did.

Sierra regrets not listening herself and the rumors she was hearing in the street about Moriah and Shooter. Sierra just thought it was non-sense, people will say what they think, so she wasn’t buying into the messy drama but maybe she should have. She wants payback and she’s not sure what that will entail and who it would involve but she is sitting back looking pretty, they will be surprised. Sierra is not done, she’s going to find a way to get revenge on Moriah, she needs to watch her back .

Word on the street, since this little altercation, it looks like Sierra has moved forward with her life and dumped that zero, even though he still fine. But, she is back on her feet, reliable sources close to Sierra claim, she kicked out estranged husband Shooter and emptied their bank accounts! Now, that was a “BOSS MOVE!” She may be “heartbroken” that her husband betrayed her in the worst way, o reality television, but I love my string black she’s independent woman who isn’t waiting on man to rescue her, she did that and still doing it!!

Maybe Shooter can bunk with Moriah in that raggedy a$$ van she pulled up, she looked a mess and so did that vehicle.