LHHA–Sierra Responds To Moriah Over Husb!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s newbie’s are definitely making a name for themselves. Sierra Gates owns The Glam Shop, located in Atlanta and from what we have been hearing, her shop is the shop to go to as one of Atlanta’s thriving beauty salons.

On the last episode of the hit reality show, fans and viewers were introduced to Sierra’s husband, Rod Gates also known as “Shooter.” He is a very nice looking man, what I would call, “sexy chocolate,” but the biggest news came out when we learned that Sierra’s employee, Moriah and supposed to be friend is sleeping with Shooter on the low, low.

Moriah claims that she and Shooter have been creeping for about 12 months and on the last episode we witnessed him giving her a whole lot of coins to keep their secret on the low so the two can continue creeping. One thing I don’t like or respect about a wannabe side chick, they have no morals, self esteem issues has clouded their judgement, Moriah may need to seek some professional help before Sierra catches her and tear that a$$ up. Moriah’s philosophy “Shooter might be my boss’ husband, but he’s also my side piece. About 12 months ago, we crossed the line,” said Moriah.

Sierra react to thirsty ass Moriah creeping with her husband on the low, low. If a husband wants to have her, all he has to do is pay her and she isn’t the issue, the wife is. That’s our young THOT’S and HOE’S of this generation, she’s happy with playing second to the wife as long as he keeps her pockets full.

Sierra responds to the dumb ass wet behind the ears side chick, Sierra clapped back. “The whole Hood know you Boppin. That lil cash he throw your way. Girl I Spend that everyday” #U4Everybody @kashdoll S***.” Bye side chick! This CAN’T be a real story line, right???? I never go looking for trouble but once I found out this trifling hoe was getting my money, we would have a problem. That’s why you can’t trusts hoes around your mind, for real. Sierra is a boss, Moriah needs to learn from her, not try to be her because he not leaving his wife for her no matter how pretty she is!!

Even though Shooter is extremely handsome, he is dead wrong in this situation. He feels that all Sierra does is worry about money and making her business a success and she never has time for him. The two had a verbal spat in the restaurant where they met up with Karlie and Joc. Sierra just don’t know, she needed to keep her anger in check in front of Karlie because she is going to spill that tea to anyone who listens. She’s messy as HELL and she doesn’t want to see a married couple together, sounds like jealousy and envy to me, she hasn’t been married yet and she is 50 years old with a deflated a$$ cheek.

But, I digress, Moriah is so out cold and immature, she posted Kash Doll’s video, “For Everybody Side Chick,” on her Instagram as anthem, basically letting Sierra know, your husband wants me and not her. She is not only stupid, dumb but delusional!!