LHHA Season 6 Supertrailer!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 is almost here and this may be the best season yet. Rumors swirled last month regarding Kirk allegedly having a baby with another woman, but then rumors swirled again a few weeks later saying that Kirk didn’t have a baby by another woman. Allegedly, the producers informed the Kirk and Rasheeda they would be fired from the show if they weren’t able to come up with a story line to keep them relevant. I guess this was the story line and what a story line it is.

Watching the trailer, Rasheeda doesn’t appear to have made up this story, I see raw and real emotions once she learns of Kirk’s alleged infidelity. And Kirk looks like a sad puppy when Rasheeda confronts his ugly a$$. I’m not sure if this story is made up or not, we were also informed that the alleged side chick Jasmine will be joining the show and that she has a longtime boyfriend, reliable sources closes to her state she has been with him for awhile and he is actually the child’s father. But, I guess we will just have to wait and see, I pray that Kirk didn’t betray his wife in the worst way possible, if he did, she needs to cut that adams apple from his throat because its bothering me and she is too good for him.

The on again, off-again couple of the year, Joseline and Stevie J will find themselves battling each other over the paternity of Joseline’s baby. Is it really Stevie’s or could rapper Young Dro be the father? Stevie knows damn well that’s his baby, he just feels stupid because Joseline was running around with Young Dro and it affected how he felt about her.

It may be old news that Karlie and Yung Joc got back together but Joc had a threesome with Tommie Lee and an unnamed woman and has us shaking our heads in disbelief. Why would desperate a$$ Karlie Redd take Joc back knowing his history with women and all of his children’s mothers? She’s a thirsty hoe who is over 50 years old and she needs Joc to save her miserable life. Also somehow Joc’s baby mom Sina and Jessica Dime are all up the mix of that relationship.

Tommie finds herself in legal troubles again and she gets called out for her drinking habits by her bestie/mentor Karen “KK” King, and gets into it physically with her own mother. Tommie does have a drinking problem, but she has to realize that herself, they could try doing an intervention but I don’t think that would work. She has to own her sh$t and get help, if not she will ruin her made up career as a reality star.

Waka Flocka will be getting a little more camera time this season as he works hard, hard, to win back his estranged wife Tammy. Tammy won’t only be worrying about her marriage because she’ll also be supporting her BFF Bambi when Scrappy cheats on her, leaving their wedding as a big question mark. Damn,
Scrap, why would you go and cheat on Bambi? We were looking forward to their wedding, like I say, leopards never change their spots.

We finally see the first look at Kirk’s alleged mistress and baby mom Jasmine Washington who, according to Karlie, Kirk moved into his building where he lives with his family. He’s a dirty dirty dog, why would he move this chick in their building? It’s obvious he doesn’t give a f$ck about Rasheeda, this is the worse case of betrayal I have yet to see. He hurt her beyond belief if these rumors are true and don’t nobody care how he feel and this Jasmine trick, knew he was married and still f$cked him. B$tches ain’t sh$t, I can see Rasheeda knocking her out with one punch.

Kirk may find support with his boys but Rasheeda’s mom advises him to just file the divorce papers. With Rasheeda returning her wedding ring to her husband at the end of the supertrailer, it seems like it’s gonna be a dramatic and sad season for the couple.

Definitely looking forward for season 6 of the hit reality show.