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LHHA Rod Posted On Instagram: He’s The Father



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rodney Bullock, the alleged boyfriend of Jasmine and Keanna went on Instagram yesterday and admitted he was the father of little Kannon.

This story makes no sense and I definitely don’t believe he is the father. According to several sources, another man by the of name Logan is allegedly Jasmine’s child’s father and he will appear on an upcoming episode to blow Jasmine’s story up. As Mimi and others who know Rod claim he’s a scam artist and this was a huge scam if these rumors are true.

Jasmine, side chick to Kirk, gave birth to a baby boy last summer, she posted on Instagram a side by side of pic of her son and Kirk’s son, then she deleted it rather quickly. How did she get a pic of Kirk’s son and why did she post the pic on Instagram? She messy and dumber than a box of rocks. She needed to delete that post and that pic before Rasheeda found out and tapped that a$$.

Who is Rodney Bullock? A pimp, he is allegedly Jasmine’s current boyfriend, but word on the street, Jasmine and her girlfriend are really his employees and Jasmine is scamming Kirk out of money for this baby. Rod has been in prison for several years and was recently released, so ya’ll tell me how he is the father when the baby was born last summer and his dumb a$$ was still in prison?

Rod dated Mimi back in the day and according to messy a$$ Karlie, he was a little crazy and that is why him and Mimi called it quits before she got back with Stevie J to have their daughter. Rod had a great career as an R&B music producer before doing time. He has worked with K Michelle, R. Kelly, Lil Wayne and a number of other artists.

Rod is friends with Joc, he actually discovered the rapper and got him signed to a label back in the day. Joc is friends with Kirk but his loyalty is too Rod, he is trying to remain neutral through all of this mess, but he can’t. It was revealed on last week’s episode that Joc slept with Jasmine at the same time as Kirk and he could be the child’s father and I can believe that with the army of kids Joc has, it is certainly a possibility.

Rod is hood and he appears to be dangerous, he has 7 mugshots going back to 2006, however he was serving time for battery, he allegedly assaulted someone and ended up serving 8 years in prison. Now, does that sound like he is the father?

Rod claims he is still with Jasmine even though she had a baby with Kirk while he was locked up but its looking like Rod nor Kirk is the father. Rod has appeared on several episodes and according to his contract he gets $5,000 per episode. That is a nice chunk of change for someone who was just released from prison.

The truth will reveal itself when the real father appears on the show, he will blow Rod and Jasmine’s story up. Kirk is in this mess because he slept with a stripper, then he has the nerve to say he used a condom. Yeah Right!!

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Dutchess Claps Back Against Sky



Former Black Ink Crew reality star Dutchess appeared On “The Breakfast Club”, to set the record straight about herself, Ceaser and Sky.

Allegedly Dutchess interfered in Sky’s life when she brought or allowed her son to interview at her shop knowing that she and Sky aren’t friends. This was some get a b$tch back tip. Dutchess claims that she had nothing to do with Sky’s son and the interview he did at her shop, she claims the producers paid for the interview. But why at Dutchess’ shop which is located in North Carolina? You better believe that Dutchess got paid and she should have at least called or even text Sky about the interview. Dutchess is petty, messy, unhappy and she needs to fix those dry a$$ lips.

According to Dutchess “Black Ink Crew”” is fake story lines are put together by the producers including the lie that she wanted half of Cease’s money. But she stayed on the show, she didn’t have an issue when she was cashing those checks but since Cease is moving up in the world with three tattoo shops, she was going to get her revenge on Sky, Cease and whoever else is in the way.

Dutchess is the one who brought gossip writer Gossip Viv to the radio show to further explain what really went down with Sky’s son. Viv, who did the interview with Sky’s oldest child Genesis (Sky’s children are not twins like she previously stated), explained that she spoke with people before doing the interview at Dutchess’ shop.But why didn’t they contact Sky? At least give her a heads up, people are miserable.

Dutchess: “The first lie that you lied about is that they’re twins. Your one son is 17, your other son is 19, they’re not twins. I don’t know how your uterus could contract like that to have twins.”

“They came to my tattoo shop. I don’t know Sky’s baby daddy and I don’t know her son. If she lied about the fact that she had twins and that’s not the baby daddy we seen on the show, how could I know who that man was? If she said she’s looking for her kids and couldn’t find them, how could I find them? What I need you to do is not focus on my shop being the location for the interview, I need you to focus on your child because this child is screaming for attention.”

Viv: “I was called by Sky’s ex-manager. Me just being me, I’ve been doing interviews since way before Black Ink had a TV show. I made a few phone calls, outside of speaking to my husband I spoke to several of my brothers, I’m all about integrity. When I met the young man he wanted to do the interview, his father was with him and said, ‘It’s okay for the interview to take place.’”

Dutchess: “I didn’t get paid, Viv got a check. I don’t want anything out of this.”

Dutchess is slick and very sneaky, I don’t believe a word she says but again this is fake reality tv and anything is possible.

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LHHATL Jasmine’s Court Case Has Been Thrown Out



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta isn’t scheduled to air anytime soon but that doesn’t stop the drama and its seems to be getting dirtier and dirtier.

Jasmine Bleu, the trick who claims Kirk Frost is the father of her son Kannon, her court case for paternity has been thrown out. For me, all that proves, this was a set up from the jump. Kirk and Rasheeda desperately needed a story line or they were gonna get kicked to the curb. I just believe that Kirk paid Jasmine for her part, maybe Rasheeda doesn’t know about the plan but she’s his wife, she had to know.

Last year Jasmine sued her estranged son’s father to prove that he fathered baby Kannon and in court papers she claims she was a kept woman, another word for HOE, she claims he gave her money every month and use of a car to be with him.

Judge Turner gave Jasmine two weeks to find Kirk and get him served, but if she has an attorney, why didn’t he pay a court officer to find Kirk and serve him? That’s how it works when you have an attorney, maybe she is using a public defender or an attorney who just doesn’t care. Jasmine continues to say that Kirk is running from the subpoena, that’s the one statement out of her mouth that I believe. Kirk is a coward, he f$cked this girl, she got pregnant and he won’t take a paternity test to save his marriage? He couldn’t care about his wife Rasheeda and the pain she is dealing with.

Jasmine allegedly located Kirk and he agreed to accept the subpoena, but it was two months after the judge’s deadline. Kirk knows the system, he played her like a fiddle, he knew the court date had since passed, why wouldn’t he accept the subpoena months later? She’s a little dingy, that’s why she has to strip, her head ain’t rapped too tight.

Since the case has now been dismissed, will Jasmine refile? Kirk and Rasheeda have separated allegedly due to this alleged affair. The people who are suffering the most are the children. Kirk ugly a$$ needs to get it together, leave these young girls alone and get his Adams apple fixed, damn that sh$t is hideous.

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