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LHHA Recap!!



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap!!! Karlie so messy, when Rasheeda watches the entire season, she gone tap that a$$!! Why would she be running around exposing Rasheeda and Kirk’s business to people she don’t know? That’s why she always gets her a$$ beat, lets run down the people who have laid hands on her. Joseline, a few times, K. Michelle, Althea, Khadiyah, Tommie, Rasheeda and Jasmine. These are just the fights we are aware of.

Joc meets up with his boys to discuss what has been transpiring in his life and the information he received about Kirk and Jasmine. He meets up with Tango who is Keanna’s ex man, the other stripper Rod and Jasmine are sleeping with. Scrappy shows up, Stevie J, Bobby V, Ernest and Kirk. So Joc wastes no time revealing some information he received from Karlie regarding Kirk and his alleged baby. Joc tells the entire group of men that Karlie met with Jasmine at her apartment and saw the baby. She took pics of the baby and has been showing them around Atlanta. He also reveals that on a drunk night, he slept with a stripper named Jasmine, he’s not sure if she is the Jasmine he slept with. The entire group of men just looked at Joc like he has lost his everlasting mind. We all know his stuff is potent, it is a possibility that this could be his child, but I doubt it.

Kirk admits to paying off Jasmine when she told him her baby was was, he so f$cking stupid! What man pays a h$e without finding out if the baby is his? He just didn’t want Rasheeda to find out he slept with a stripper and could possibly be that child’s father, but she found out anyway. His story sounds so damn dumb just like the look on his face.

Lovely Mimi quits the Glam Shop, she just couldn’t take Sierra micro managing her when she has been her own boss previously to relocating to Atlanta. She just wants to have fun while working, nothing wrong with that but I get Sierra also, she’s a boss and wants her business to thrive. Lovely Mimi meets up with Joseline and they discuss working together.

Kirk goes crying to Rasheeda, pleading for her to take him back but he still isn’t being honest. He slept with Keanna and he needs to tell her that before messy a$$ Karlie does, if he doesn’t, his marriage could be over. Rasheeda’s mom is so angry with Kirk, she tells him he needs to file for divorce and leaves the store. Right now, Rasheeda isn’t ready to forgive her husband but I believe when the DNA test comes back, she will. Kirk is a cheater, once a cheater, always a cheater.

Karlie and Joc meet up with Jasmine and Rod, Keanna informs them that her ex man Tango called her and told her that Karlie was showing the baby all around town and that both Joc and Karlie are spreading rumors about them. Also Joc says he slept with Jasmine during the same time as Kirk, of course Jasmine denies it, once a h$e, always a h$e. Sitting across from each other, things go way to the left when Karlie laughs at Jasmine. Jasmine wanted to know why she was showing her son’s pic around town and she demands she deletes the pic. Karlie wasn’t deleting that pic, I’m sure she has sent it to 1000 people by now with her messy a$$!!

Rod and Joc were boys, he signed Joc when he first came out as a rapper, so to hear rumors that he slept with Jasmine, his girl, is really messing with his head. Joc tries to esplain to Rod that it was a drunk night and he slept with a stripper by the name of Jasmine and he couldn’t remember what she looked liked. Yep, Joc was back pedaling, either he did or he did. While those two were talking, Jasmine tries to get at Karlie by jumping across the table. Karlie really needs to quit being messy!!

Joseline wants Melissa to talk to Tammy, Jessica and Karlie, to forget about their bad history for her music video. Joseline sounds dumb as f$ck, why would they want to be apart of her music video when they don’t even like each other? When Melissa meets with Tammy and Karlie, they both decline Joseline’s offer to be in her video. Remember she jumped Tammy at the reunion and she has fought with Karlie on a number of occasions.

We finally find out who Moriah is creeping with on the low, low and that is Shooter, who is Sierra’s husband. This story seems fishy to me and I just don’t believe it. Treasure P reaches out to Tommie to make amends at the nail salon but it went left real quick when the two began fighting!

This could never be real life but I do love my ratchet TV!!

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LHHH Hazel E Fired



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E has allegedly been fired from the hit reality show. She should be fired with the ignorant comments she posted on social media for the world to see.

Word is, Hazel E’s nonexistent career might be over, can someone enlighten me on what her career actually is? The only thing I see Hazel doing is stirring up sh$t and trying to check people like she gangsta.

Hazel E comments blew up on black twitter, black Instagram and black face book, those media sites were on fire, ready to get at her. Hazel thinks she’s invincible and can say and do whatever she wants without any repercussions, just like Joseline Hernandez and that a$$ got fired too. Of course Mona Scott Young was not happy with those nasty and rude comments Hazel posted, what she said could affect the entire Love and Hip Hop franchise which could have several people without a job.

After Hazel’s comments went viral, Mona posted an anti-bullying message on her Instagram. “People who spew hate, in truth hate themselves” #SpiritDay

#ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords,” she wrote.

Fans are now threatening to boycott the show if Hazel E isn’t kicked to the curve. Allegedly Mona and her staff have so much to take in consideration by firing Hazel E but that’s a no brainer, its time for the fake Nazel E to go. We are tired of seeing her whack a$$ but didn’t she quit a few seasons ago? Why is she back, too show off her switch hitting boyfriend Rose Burgandy?

“If she don’t fire her then #boycott, any other show would have fired her yesterday,” wrote one fan.

“If your [sic] against bullying, I expect Hazel E to be fired,” added another.

Good bye trick, don’t nobody care about her light skin and or her, that switch hitter b/f she has who taking all of her money may be the only one who gives a f$ck and that’s because she may have a few coins, he don’t want her, he wants her money and a man with a huge penis. Nazel E will never be missed if she walks away or gets fired from the hit reality show, just like she wasn’t missed the last time she quit the show. Bye Nazel E!!

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Moniece VS Hazel E For Saying “Dark Butt Monkeys”



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E has finally put her foot in her mouth and a few of her cast members are coming for her. Moniece doesn’t hold her tongue, she has a way of getting to you without using any violence sometimes but she is known for jumping over tables and throwing drinks in a persons face. Sweet and innocent she’s not, don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

Hazel E had some social media beef with comedian Jess Hilarious and she made some ignorant and ugly comments calling Jess, “dark butt monkeys,” she claimed that Jess was hating on her light complexion, her light skin and plastic surgery hasn’t helped her at all. She’s still UGLY and just because her skin is lighter doesn’t make her better looking than Jess or any other woman who has her beautiful skin complexion. Hazel is just mad, with all of that money she put into her plastic surgery, it didn’t help, she still ugly. She also brought the gay and lesbians communities into the fold by wishing death and damnation on homosexuals at the same damn time that she was in this war with Jess on social media about lighter and darker skin.

Naturally, the outspoken spitfire, Moniece Slaughter decided too intervene and this was the perfect excuse for her to get all into Hazel E’s business since the two never liked each other anyway. But I digress, Moniece took to social media and posted the message below:

“And isn’t your alleged best friend miles gay? But you dating a gay black male that’s bashing his kind? Oh ok”

“Didn’t snoozle just host a gay club In D.C. bitch didn’t you used to date women and ain’t you sleepin wit a whole gay male? Oh ok I’m pulling up to her next hosting in la dressed in a gorilla suit and ima pound that ass til you so black it’s irreversible bitch make this bitch wish there was a bleaching cream string enough to reverse the black and blue ima give her.”

Moneice is one of those cast members you don’t like but then sometimes she will surprise you with her clap backs. I’m glad she spoke out, there are too many young girls in the world believing if their skin is too dark, they have no worth and that’s further from the truth. Young black woman of all races and colors should be happy with the skin they were born in and whatever their complexion, they are still beautiful.

Moniece definitely went in on Nazel E calling her just about everything other than a child of God and letting her know that since she she has such a huge issue with darker skin, she’ll beat her so black, she’ll be just as dark as her or anyone else. Moniece in’t just talking sh$t, she is bat sh$t crazy and she will roll up on Nazel E with quickness.

How many young girls has Nazel E hurt with her ignorant comments and how many people has she hurt in the gay and lesbian communities. Sometimes its just better to shut your damn mouth!!

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